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Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy responds to Coronavirus development in Indonesia

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio, responds to the latest information of two Indonesian citizens who were stated positively for the coronavirus. According to the Minister, the implementation of the tourism sector’s stimulus program for foreign tourists will be carried out until the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided and the situation back to being conducive.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy responds to Coronavirus development in IndonesiaThe Minister stated in Jakarta on Monday (2/3/2020) that the most important thing during this situation is to prioritize handling and anticipation to avoid further spreading.

The Minister is very concerned with the increasing virus outbreak which was first reported in Wuhan, China. Two Indonesian citizens have been tested positive for coronavirus as well as being the first Covid-19 cases in the country.

“Meanwhile, we will focus more on a program of handling tourists who entered destinations in Indonesia when the period of virus spread begins, increasing the quality of tourism destinations focusing on environmental sustainability, health, hygiene, safety, and security,” the Minister further explained.

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The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is currently monitoring the development of the tourism ecosystem amid the coronavirus outbreak in Indonesia.

“We also want to express empathy to the two citizens who have been tested positive for the coronavirus. Hopefully, the two residents who had contracted the coronavirus can recover,” said Wishnutama.

He further explained that the government is currently possessing SOP with international standards and has special budget allocation prioritized to deal with these problems.

“This is not only to maintain the safety and health of all Indonesian citizens, but also conduciveness of Indonesia tourism, which is vulnerable to conditions, perceptions, and issues,” he said.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also continues to coordinate with the Ministry of Health and other related parties to monitor the current development of the coronavirus.

“We urge tourists and communities to maintain good health and body immune system, as well as starting a healthy life movement in accordance with the government’s directives,” he continued.

Besides handling and preventing the coronavirus, the Minister realized the importance of maintaining the economic sustainability of the country for the government. The incentive for domestic tourism professionals is still ongoing and its monitoring still continues.

“The government also ensures the coronavirus case handling has been prepared. For instance, more than 100 hospitals have been prepared with isolation rooms regarding the coronavirus with better isolation standards and are equipped with adequate equipment that is in accordance with international standards,” he said.

Wishnutama also conveyed an appeal that tourists visiting a tourism destination always pay attention to their health such as maintaining hygiene, washing their hands, improving the immune system, and heeding directions/appeals from the local government. Also, getting updated on the information in referral hospitals around tourism destinations.

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