The Castell Project releases second annual WISH List

The Castell Project releases second Annual Women Speakers in Hospitality List

The Castell Project releases second Annual Women Speakers in Hospitality List

Officials of Castell Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the careers of women professionals in the hospitality industry, released its second annual “WSH List,” a list of prominent female hoteliers and hospitality real estate executives ready with the background required to be dynamic speakers at the industry’s numerous events.

List referrals are made complimentary to all conference organizers seeking to add diversity to their lineups of highly qualified and sought-after presenters.

“Less than one in six speakers at hotel investment conferences are women,” said Peggy Berg, president, Castell Project, Inc. “This is out of balance when 21 percent of attendees, 52 percent of employees and 67 percent of the industry’s talent pipeline are women. Future-oriented leaders recognize the importance of leadership diversity to profit and talent acquisition in this highly-competitive market. Showcasing executive women on the podium is an actionable way for both conference organizers and firms to champion this critical industry need.”

The Castell Project Releases Second Annual Women Speakers in Hospitality (WSH) List

Speaking provides recognition and opportunities to rising executives. The Castell Project works towards a gender-inclusive balance of speakers that reflects both conference attendees and the industry.

The WSH list was distilled from lists of executives in the industry. Women who wish to be added to the list may submit their name, contact information and speaking experience/background to [email protected].


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