Rick Stein Sandbanks teams up with The CRUMBS Project

Rick Stein Sandbanks The CRUMBS ProjectA Dorset restaurant has been praised for its “invaluable support” after teaming up with The CRUMBS Project for a skill-sharing workshop on all things fish.

Trainees and staff from the disability training charity visited Rick Stein Sandbanks for the interactive session focusing on preparing fresh fish.

The Restaurant’s Chefs showed the Trainees how to prepare seabass and sole, freshly caught from the coasts of Devon and Cornwall. They also demonstrated how to best use a knife to correctly clean, prepare and fillet fish ensuring it is perfectly presented and nothing goes to waste.

The CRUMBS’ Trainees prepared their own fillets of fish before being shown by the Rick Stein Sandbanks team how to batter and fry the fillet pieces into goujons and to use the left over ingredients to prepare a quality fish stock.

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At the end of the workshop Trainees had the chance to eat the fish they had helped to prepare along with Rick Stein Sandbanks own freshly prepared tartare sauce.

Feedback on the workshop from trainees and staff included:

  • “I learnt a lot about cutting fish correctly, making sure I have a neat edge and get all the bones out. It’s been a long time since I have handled a fish and I really enjoyed doing it and at the end it tasted amazing, especially with the homemade tartare sauce!”
  • “There was a lot to learn about the different types of fish and how to develop skills to prepare each correctly. The workshop at Rick Stein’s was a great experience for trainees and staff team members to practise skills and work in a restaurant kitchen”.
  • “We really enjoyed the preparing fish workshop and will bring the skills shared by the Rick Stein restaurant team back to the training kitchens at CRUMBS to teach other trainees working through their seafood preparation training unit.”

Chair of The CRUMBS Project, Professor Peter A. Jones MBE said: “The support shown to The CRUMBS Project from Rick Stein Sandbanks is invaluable to us as it provides more opportunities for our adult trainees to learn more about using fresh ingredients and working in a professional environment, As pandemic restrictions have lifted more Catering & Hospitality sector employers are able to show their support for our work and for the development of much needed skills in the sector”.

To learn more about The CRUMBS Project and traineeships please visit:

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