At the Bar: Interview with Sarah Lowden, HRM, Primus Hotel Sydney

eHotelier’s newest editorial feature, At the Bar, features mini-interviews with industry leaders, taking inspiration from their own professional journey and uncovering their thoughts on the biggest issues of facing hospitality in 2019.

This week, we interview Sarah Lowden, Human Resources Manager at Primus Hotel Sydney:

What inspired you to enter the industry?

Having come from a diverse working background I found myself leading and developing people around me in order to achieve results. I found a passion for seeing people develop and utilise their talents & strengths to contribute to strategy, growth and organisational wellness. The most rewarding moments throughout my career are seeing people begin their career journeys from frontline roles to developing their strengths and excelling across multiple industries and environments. This impact is one of the things I find most rewarding, seeing how the work I do enables employees and the overall organisation reach company objectives. Being able to equip our workforce with encouragement and empowerment has monumentally increased employee engagement and workplace culture. I see human resources as a multifunctional role that when implemented correctly increases the growth and wellness of all businesses and stakeholders.

Lobby of Primus Hotel Sydney

What is your management philosophy/style?

A key to success in  human resources is the ability to get the best out of your workforce and keep consistency. I have always had a transformational leadership style that has evolved and developed people, organisations and brands. The fundamental principles of encouraging and empowering employees have seen organisations transform their culture and engagement. I am a firm believer in supporting employees well-being and mental wellness through employee assistance programs and development courses. I have found that I enjoy growing and developing people to get to the best version of themselves that in turn excels organisational performance and synergy.




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