6 main ethical concerns of service robots and human interaction

“Service Robots” come with a variety of ethical questions regarding their use. Research in this field can help to find the win-win balance where companies reduce their costs, adapt employee activities and give customers added value with the right use of robot technology.

6 main ethical concerns of service robots and human interaction

The clever use of robots during COVID-19

So far, the use of robots during the COVID pandemic has been proving very useful in the medical sector, but their practical uses could be stretched to many other industries. 

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DreamCheaper uses ÔrobotsÕ to make hotel stays cheaper

The German start-up has launched in a bid to help consumers swap their hotel booking for a better deal by simply forwarding their reference details on over email. ÒRobotsÓ Ð or a very complex API Ð behind the scenes then do their magic and see if they can find it for you at a better price, factoring in the firmÕs commission.


How robots are storming the travel industry

Even though AI is still in its infancy in the hotel sector, it’s potential to give guests an enhanced experience driven by forward-thinking service is broad. Let’s look at the six major effects smart technology could have on the travel industry.

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