High-tech droids assemble at Dorsett Wanchai - Insights

High-tech droids assemble at Dorsett Wanchai


Dorsett Wanchai robotsBeing “one of the best mid-range quarantine hotels in Hong Kong” recommended by Discovery, Cathay Pacific, and the “Best Quarantine Hotel in Hong Kong – Silver” by Expat Living, Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong has brought together the high-tech droids to take the safety and hygiene measures at the hotel to the next level.

The Autonomous “Whiz Gambit” Robot to Deep Clean Carpets

While Whiz the AI Vacuum Cleaner has stationed at Dorsett Wanchai to keep the floors and carpets away from bacteria, virus, dirt, and hidden dust, and improve indoor air quality since last year, it and its other half just reunited and upgraded as the incredible “Whiz Gambit” – a combined product by Softbank and Avalon to deep clean carpets. The newly joined Gambit part is antimicrobial, reducing over 99.9% of the bacteria count according to ISO standards while SGS disinfect testing revealed it has a 99.9% efficiency of killing a wide range of pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.

Rice the Delivery Robot to Reduce Human Contact

To ease the concerns overspreading of virus through human contact, the Dorsett Wanchai has recruited Rice the Robot to assist staff in delivering amenities to guests all over the hotel in a delightful way – “Peekaboo!” Perhaps it will be right at “your door” when you call for extra amenities.

Strict Hygiene Measures to Ensure Guests’ Safety

Apart from the high-tech side, the Dorsett Wanchai will continue working closely with its expert partner Ecolab, a global leader in infection prevention, to have air filters, bathroom, every surface in the rooms as well as public areas thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with Ecolab’s Disinfect Cleaner 2.0, a hospital-grade solution designed to kill pathogens.

All hotel rooms have its own independent pipe, so guests can rest safely knowing that they are breathing fresh and disinfected air drawn from the outside through an air filter disinfected with Ecolab’s disinfectant. Robust Iot UV-C Air Purifiers with H13 HEPA are also equipped on every guest floor to ensure air is being disinfected regularly.

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