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Making wholesale a hotelier’s hero

Typically, wholesale distribution channels have led to headaches for hoteliers, earning a reputation of creating challenges. However, the market is rapidly growing and there are a number of distribution channels and third-party sites that are grabbing the attention of guests. Because of this, wholesalers continue to develop and transform.

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4 myths about the state of OTAs post-COVID-19

By drastically disrupting the state of the online travel market, the COVID-19 outbreak has given hotels a unique opportunity to take back control over their acquisition channels. Here we debunk four misguided statements regarding the state of OTAs in a post-COVID-19 travel market, from their cost, to their place in hotels’ channel mix, and more.  

OTAs post Covid

How to safeguard your hotel from OTA under-cutting

Once upon a time: rate parity, trust and best rate guarantee. But now we live in times of uncertainty, where OTAs are acting inconsistently when it comes to strategy, giving ‘parity- breaking’ discounts from unclear rate sources.

Protect hotel rates
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The real rate parity problem no one is talking about

As our series of quarterly parity reports show, parity issues are at the root of huge potential losses for hoteliers. These have a number of causes, depending on whether OTAs have a contractual relationship with the hotels. @otainsight

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