Making wholesale a hotelier’s hero

Typically, wholesale distribution channels have led to headaches for hoteliers, earning a reputation of creating challenges. However, the market is rapidly growing and there are a number of distribution channels and third-party sites that are grabbing the attention of guests. Because of this, wholesalers continue to develop and transform.

distribution channels

4 myths about the state of OTAs post-COVID-19

By drastically disrupting the state of the online travel market, the COVID-19 outbreak has given hotels a unique opportunity to take back control over their acquisition channels. Here we debunk four misguided statements regarding the state of OTAs in a post-COVID-19 travel market, from their cost, to their place in hotels’ channel mix, and more.  

OTAs post Covid

How to safeguard your hotel from OTA under-cutting

Once upon a time: rate parity, trust and best rate guarantee. But now we live in times of uncertainty, where OTAs are acting inconsistently when it comes to strategy, giving ‘parity- breaking’ discounts from unclear rate sources.

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