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Students name ICHM Australia’s top hotel school

The Adelaide based International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) has been named the best hotel and hospitality school in Australia for the quality of its student experience according to the leading national Student Experience Survey (SES).

ICHM voted top Australian hotel school
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UK hospitality education – in decline?

The hospitality industry is facing a ‘perfect storm’ of the recruitment and staffing impacts of Brexit, at the same time that the number of students entering hospitality education and training is on the decline.


Acknowledging Ian Whyte

The legacy of Dr Ian Whyte will be forever woven into the culture of the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM), in particular through the catchphrase: network, network, network! @ICHMAustralia


Talent Management for Hospitality and Tourism

‘Talent Management in Hospitality and Tourism’, a new book edited by Susan Horner,ÊaddressesÊa vital subject for educators and organisations in the hospitality sector, and is contributed to by major experts who have multi-national experience of hospitality education provide new and interesting perspectives on the topic of talent management.

Talent Management
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