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EP is a leading communicator in the hospitality industry. Our strengths lie in the development of trusted business relationships as well as sharing knowledge and insights for the industry.

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leadership and data

The evolution in leadership as the collection of data becomes stronger and more reliable

Leaders today will need a different mentality to those of the past as it will be more about understanding information, making sound judgements and freeing up talent.
Higher education for hospitality

How the University of the Future will support the talent of tomorrow?

The world of higher education has long seemed as though it dances to its own tune and is a step removed from industry. It must now be time to challenge...
Hospitality industry development

If Hospitality was a PLC, what would be changed?

Hospitality is one of the great industries and yet it possesses a number of clear problems. If Hospitality was a Plc, what strategies would be being developed?
Leadership change

The Alpha debate: is it about alpha leaders or about behaviours?

Alpha leaders are needed as much today as ever; however, the call is for leaders to focus on their communities and people much more.