Green check-in: strategies for hotels to adopt and promote sustainability

In the quest for a sustainable future, hotels play a pivotal role in setting a positive example for both guests and industry peers. By embracing energy-efficient technologies, reducing waste, conserving water, sourcing responsibly, engaging with communities, and adopting eco-friendly infrastructure, hotels can contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts.


How the Internet of Things can revolutionize the hospitality industry

Through the vast and growing array of IoT devices on the market today, hoteliers and restaurateurs can offer a truly exceptional guest experience through hyper-personalization and extraordinary customer service. At the same time, owners can enjoy the power of IoT to make their businesses operate more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

Internet of things

Ten warnings on hotel energy savings

With cash flow a constant issue, you will always have to pick and choose which sustainability and energy efficiency technologies to authorize and which ones aren’t worth the price tag. Here are tips to follow when getting underway with an energy savings plan.

energy savings
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