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8 business travel trends for 2022

BCD Travel identified eight trends that will resonate with travel managers and travelers in 2022 and compiled them in a new report, Business Travel Trends for 2022.

Business travel trends 2022

Taking cybersecurity seriously before travelers surge back

With our post-pandemic dependence on mobile apps and IoT-enabled devices for practically every significant point of interaction in the guest experience, the risk of a breach only becomes amplified. Cybersecurity, even down to the minutia of ensuring your own team never sees a full credit card, must be ingrained into upper management’s plans.


Prepare to be hacked

If you haven’t gone through a data breach, you will – and that means you need to prepare yourself, your team, your executive leadership and your board.


5 key issues in hotel cybersecurity

Hotels should look at themselves as leaders in the fight for digital cybersecurity, just as they every day take responsibility for the physical security and safety of their guests.

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