Revolutionize Hotel Luggage Storage with Zutapp’s NFC Technology!

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At, we’re transforming the way hotels handle luggage with our cutting-edge NFC-based luggage storage technology. Elevate your guest experience and streamline your operations with these unbeatable benefits:

How does it work? Simply place a ZuTapp® tag on the customer’s luggage, and on the storage racks/shelves, and create a paperless record with just a couple of taps.

🔄 Enhanced Efficiency and Speed

• Say goodbye to long wait times! Our ZuTapp App technology ensures quick storage and retrieval of luggage, allowing your staff to serve guests faster and more efficiently.

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📲 Improved Accuracy and Tracking

• Never lose a bag again. With real-time tracking and precise monitoring, our system guarantees that every piece of luggage is accounted for and easily locatable.

📦 Better Space Management

• Maximize your storage space effortlessly. Our smart ZuTapp App system organizes and optimizes luggage storage, preventing overcrowding and making the most of your available space.

🔒 Enhanced Security

• Keep your guests’ belongings safe. Zutapp’s secure tagging and restricted access features ensure that luggage is protected from theft or tampering, providing peace of mind for both guests and staff.

🌟 Improved Guest Experience

• A seamless and efficient luggage handling process enhances the overall guest experience. Quick and reliable service, combined with the assurance of luggage safety, leads to higher guest satisfaction and positive reviews.

Transform your hotel’s luggage storage today with Zutapp’s NFC technology App. Visit to learn more and schedule a demo!

ZuTapp® Hospitality is currently offering a free trial run for hotels around the world.

If you’re interested in this, or in hearing more about how you can experience a new era of guest luggage management, and future-proof your hotel’s operation, get in touch today:

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ZuTapp® is a digital system that uses reliable NFC technology, from which you can track luggage, manage asset lifecycles, record employee attendance, update data, send prompts, pull reports… and even help save a life.

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