BEONx and JUYO Analytics partner to streamline data access for hoteliers

BEONx, a leading hospitality revenue management service provider, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of new dashboards in partnership with JUYO Analytics, the next curve data visualisation and analytics platform for the hospitality industry. Hoteliers’ evaluation of performance and data collection will undergo a revolution thanks to this update.

The new dashboards, available exclusively to hoteliers and professional clients, provide a comprehensive snapshot of the current situation. They aim to reduce the amount of time spent on information verification by providing all the necessary data in a single location. Clients will now be able to evaluate their performance with ease and make informed decisions.

The premium package will include a host of additional benefits. Custom package configuration allows clients to personalise their experience to meet their specific needs. Furthermore, two new dashboards have been added for more detailed analysis of channel performance and a daily pace overview.

Cayetana Fernández, VP of Product at BEONx, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “The new dashboards developed by BEONx and Juyo will take clients’ strategies one step further by focusing on channel distribution. Clients will now be able to create their own reports based on their specific requirements.”

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Karin van Rhee, COO at Juyo Analytics, added, “The new premium dashboards provide hoteliers with even more sophisticated reporting, adding additional context to their analysis! Every hotel is unique and has its own approach to managing its commercial strategies. With the new product, we empower hotels to tailor their own dashboards with data relevant to them.” 

With the latest product update to the premium package, BEONx and Juyo elevate hotels to an even higher standard.

  • Empowering- Customised Stunning Dashboards: Hoteliers can now create their own stunning dashboards from scratch, tailoring them to precisely match their unique company needs. This level of customisation ensures that the insights gained are directly relevant to the specific goals and challenges of each hotel.
  • Dynamic Overview of Channel Performance: With the new dynamic overview dashboard, hotels can instantly assess channel performance on annual, quarterly, weekly, or even daily timelines. This clear and concise presentation consolidates all critical performance metrics into a single, easy-to-read table. It’s the perfect tool for busy hoteliers who need a quick snapshot of their channel performance at any given moment.
  • Pace Analytics Dashboard: It equips hoteliers with the tools to better understand booking curves, identify risks, and uncover opportunities within their forecasts and budgets. By leveraging this dashboard, hotels can make informed decisions that lead to improved revenue management.

The update is expected to improve the user experience and provide businesses with valuable insights to help them flourish in the dynamic digital landscape.  Please consult the official websites of BEONx and Juyo Analytics for additional information.

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