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In the heart of Sydney’s CBD, five-star Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney offers 415 spacious guest rooms with service that sets the standard for Sydney hospitality. An easy walk from Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and only a few minutes from Wynyard train and light-rail stations, makes Amora one of the most desired locations for those travelling for either business or leisure. The indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and day spa provide a perfect environment to relax and rejuvenate, while Croft Restaurant offers modern farm to table options showcasing locally sourced produce perfect for all occasions. Learn more about the hotel.

Hotel Requirements

Digital Solution

The hotel wanted to meet the increasing guest preference to manage the hotel journey via a personal mobile device and provide guests with a digital solution on which to order food and drinks and view valuable information during the stay.

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Progressive Web App (PWA)

A web-based platform to maximize the digital uptake was required and to heighten the guest experience and in-room dining revenue.

Digital Compendium

The hotel also wanted a solution to showcase the facilities and services offered and to provide an easy and efficient way for guests to request additional amenities and other requests.

Solutions Installed

SABA Mobile Ordering

The SABA Mobile Ordering module revolutionizes the way guests place orders, offering a seamless and convenient experience. Guests can easily browse menus, customize their orders, and make payments directly from their own mobile devices. The system streamlines operations and reduces costs, making it an essential tool for hotels and resorts. By automating guest ordering and enhancing revenue opportunities, the SABA Mobile Ordering module provides a comprehensive solution that enhances guest satisfaction and boosts operational efficiency.

SABA Digital Compendium

The SABA Digital Compendium Module digitizes traditional paper-based compendiums, providing a dynamic and engaging guest experience. With features such as PDF and link uploads, guests can easily access menus, price lists, and activity & class schedules on any device. The integration of iFrames allows for seamless inclusion of videos, maps, webpages, and more. This comprehensive digital platform not only promotes contactless interactions but also streamlines operations and enhances revenue opportunities for properties in the hospitality industry.

Feedback First-Hand

“The SABA Hospitality digital platform is a critical component within our overall guest engagement strategy. It plays a vital role in fulfilling and serving guest orders, helps us elevate service levels,

drives our F&B revenue, and provides our guests with a single centralized location to get all the information required for an enjoyable stay.

Digital engagement platforms become ubiquitous across Australia in the post pandemic era, with guests demanding new ways to control their own journey. It was therefore necessary for us to reflect this digital demand in our hotel, which has led to higher rates of guest spending and increased guest satisfaction.

As well as enhancing our overall guest journey and boosting loyalty, the SABA Hospitality solution has streamlined operational efficiency and helped mitigate the impacts of staff shortages.” – Abhishek Sinha (Executive Assistant Manager)

Solution Benefits

35.4% Increase in Average Order Value

With guests fully in control of their orders (ordering when and what they want from their own devices), and the in-built upselling mechanics, the average guest spend on room service orders has increased from $32.50 to $44 (a 35.4% increase) when compared to traditional phone orders.

“The impact on our F&B operations has been significant. Revenue is up, costs are down, and we are more efficient” – Michael Thom – Director of Food & Beverage

Time Saved – 3-5 minutes per order and 1 staff member per night

As the SABA Hospitality Digital Ordering solution is interfaced with the Micros Point-Of-Sale platform, orders placed from the guests own mobile device are passed directly to the POS and printed in the kitchen. This entire process is automated, allowing orders to be fulfilled quicker and more efficiently, and freeing up the guest service team to engage in high-value guest interactions.

“We usually have 1 staff on each night (depending on occupancy), whereas when phone was being utilized prior to SABA’s implementation, we required at least 2 staff every night to man the phone. It definitely saves us between 3-5 minutes each order.” – Michael Thom – Director of Food & Beverage

Showcase the Hotel’s facilities

While the main focus was on a digital dining initiative, The Amora Sydney wanted more than just an F&B ordering platform – they wanted to showcase and promote the hotel’s facilities to cross-sell and drive sales in other areas of the property. They experienced a significant uptake in on property promotional activities steaming from the increased visibility the platform provided to the marketing department.

Positive Guest Feedback

Guests find the intuitive web-based solution engaging and easy to use on either their own mobile device or iPad.

Accessible via QR Codes

At the Hotel, guests can easily access the solution via QR codes that are promoted throughout the hotel, including on TV screens, in guest rooms and in common area signage.

Positive Staff Feedback

“Our team loves the SABA Hospitality platform. It’s user-friendly, quick to update, and frees up front-line staff to focus on what they enjoy, meaningful guest interactions. Deployment was quick, training was comprehensive, and the ongoing support can’t be faulted.” – Abhishek Sinha – Assistant Executive Manager


The modern guest is more aware and informed of the impact hotels (or any business) can have on the environment. Many decisions are now value driven as much as financial. Initiatives that reduce paper usage, energy consumption and promote sustainability, better connect consumers to a hotel’s core values to promote loyalty and better long-term business outcomes.

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Enhance your guest experience and streamline operations through personalized communication and digitization using your guests own personal device.

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