Breaking Ground: FCS Solutions Expands Across Europe To Answer The Call For Cloud-Based Hotel Operations Software

FCS Solutions
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This strategic step aims to strengthen the company’s foothold in the region in response to the growing demand for their latest flagship solution, FCS1, which has seen a surge in recent months.

FCS Solutions, global leading provider of hospitality technology, has unveiled its strategic expansion across Europe, marked by the establishment of two new offices. This move comes in direct response to the accelerating adoption of its comprehensive cloud-based solution, FCS1, by hotels in the region.

With fast adoption in hotels across 22 countries and counting, FCS1 is an integrated intuitive solution designed to simplify workflows, automate processes, and optimize operations across various hotel departments, including housekeeping, guest services, maintenance, and more.

The decision to open two new offices confirms the company’s commitment to providing tailored solutions and localized support for its expanding customer base. With these two new additions, FCS Solutions now has 24 offices worldwide providing amplified and localized coverage to their customers.

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Driving the efforts to strengthen FCS Solutions’ presence in Turkey and France are Serkan Ertem and Antonii Plakhov.

Serkan, a seasoned hotelier, is set to champion the adoption of FCS1 among hotels in Turkey. Drawing from his own experiences and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by hotels in Turkey, Serkan is set to bring the benefits of FCS1 to a broad array of hotels in need of innovative solutions. He aims to leverage FCS1’s powerful technology to help hotels streamline and automate their operations, effectively bridging the gaps faced by hoteliers.

Antonii, equipped with vast experience in the global travel industry, is strategically positioned to introduce the innovative FCS1 to French hoteliers. His international insights from diverse markets globally uniquely position him to grasp the intricacies of the hotel industry. By leveraging this wealth of experience in France and beyond, Antonii aims to offer hoteliers a solution that addresses their unique challenges.

As these professionals take charge of their respective territories, FCS Solutions anticipates strengthened relationships, a deeper understanding of local dynamics, and an even more robust global presence in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

“Over the past few years, FCS1 has rapidly established itself as a standard in the landscape of hotel operations technology,” explained Karen Bey, Vice President of Global Sales & Channels at FCS Solutions. “Given the increasing demand from hotels across Europe, primarily due to staffing shortages and a greater reliance on technology to address their operational challenges, the decision to establish our 2nd and 3rd offices in Europe was as strategic as it was logical. Our focus on user-centric innovation aims to ensure that hotels in the region are provided with the tools they need to run smooth, efficient operations – with technology that works for people, not the other way around.”

With an increasing number of hotels recognizing the transformative impact of FCS1, the company is well-positioned to help hotels across Europe streamline operational efficiency and effectively address their ongoing challenges.

Launched in 2021, FCS1 has quickly become the go-to platform for optimizing hotel operations by digitalizing their workflows – essentially empowering hotels to put their operations on autopilot.

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With an extensive portfolio of integrated products used by over 2,000 hotels across 56 countries, FCS is a leader in hospitality technology innovation.

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