Hotel Tech Awards 2024: hotelkit scores in 5 categories

hotelkit scores in 5 categoriesOnce again, hotelkit has a reason to celebrate with the recognition at the international Hotel Tech Report Awards (HTR Awards). The platform has secured the top position among over 200 hotel technology systems across five categories: Best Staff Collaboration Software, Best Housekeeping Software, Best Employee Engagement Software, Best Hotel Maintenance Software, and Best Hotel Operations Platform.

Hotel Tech Awards: Users’ Choice

Hotel Tech Report, the premier platform for hotel technology, draws in over 267,000 professionals from the hotel industry each month. They leverage to make well-informed decisions when purchasing technology solutions. The Hotel Tech Awards, often referred to as the “Grammys of hotel technology,” annually honor the top hotel software companies and products worldwide. These winners emerge from a pool of over 200 technology products. Beyond the decisions of expert juries, the rhythm of success resonates with feedback from end-users spanning 120+ countries globally. This year’s awards period saw nearly a million hoteliers engaging with HTR, contributing over 25,000 new verified product reviews, marking it as the most competitive year in the history of Hotel Tech Awards. Consequently, the hotelkit team has ample reasons to take pride in their achievements.

What sets the Hotel Tech Awards apart from conventional ceremonies is its departure from subjective criteria or the opinions of a select few in determining winners. Hotel Tech Report meticulously analyzes over 100,000 data points to identify the best solutions for hotel businesses, encompassing a broad spectrum of products and services.

hotelkit – the leader in Team Communication

1. Best Staff Collaboration Software

Irrespective of whether it’s a global hotel chain or a neighborhood establishment, whether there are thousands of employees or just a modest team of twenty: hotelkit unites hotel teams of varying sizes and streamlines the daily workflow by digitizing all operations. Securing another accolade in the ‘Best Staff Collaboration Software’ category reaffirms the demonstrated effectiveness of our product in promoting improved teamwork within hotel operations.

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2. Best Housekeeping Software

Through its housekeeping software, hotelkit provides a solution that optimizes the coordination of room cleanings, reduces time consumption, enhances transparency, and eradicates the necessity for paper lists. Furthermore, it digitizes and greatly streamlines

communication between housekeeping and other hotel departments. This pioneering strategy for housekeeping teams has secured the highest position.

3. Best Employee Engagement Software

On a global scale, retaining employees in the tourism industry is growing in significance. hotelkit offers a platform for team communication, enabling the exchange of ideas, images, and videos. Additionally, team cohesion is reinforced through the utilization of the hotelkit Chat and Moments tool – hotelkit’s exclusive social feed.

4. Best Hotel Maintenance Software

Within the realm of facility management, hotelkit stood out with its tool that adeptly coordinates repairs and consistently executes routine maintenance tasks. Once again, this resulted in securing the top position in this category.

5. Best Hotel Operations Platform

This award honors the software that has best managed to digitally support many workflows in the areas of team collaboration, maintenance of technical infrastructure and housekeeping. With its versatile tools, hotelkit best fulfills the requirements for a comprehensive hotel operations platform.

hotelkit’s Awards 2024

🌐 Best Hotel Operations Platform

🥇Best Staff Collaboration Tools

🥇Best Employee Engagement Software

🥇Best Hotel Maintenance Software

🥇Best Housekeeping Software

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hotelkit is a Hotel Operations Platform that enables hotels to connect their teams better, improve internal communication, and fully digitalize and simplify daily workflows!

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