The Hotels Network unveils new AI Assistant leveraging ChatGPT

The Hotels Network (THN) announced the release of their newest innovation, AI Assistant, the ultimate tool for hotel marketers. HoteliersThe Hotels Network now have the ability to create personalized and engaging website messages easily and in just a matter of seconds. 

Fully customizable and allowing hotels to set up their own parameters, the innovative new solution empowers hoteliers to produce tailored website messages that align perfectly with their brand and enhance the user experience. By simply indicating the desired tone and goal of the communication, the AI-powered tool generates multiple options for the hoteliers to choose from, saving valuable time. The tool also detects the language of the user through the prompt they provide, and is able to deliver the final messages in any language to ensure hoteliers are communicating effectively with their desired audiences.

For several years already, THN has been incorporating machine learning techniques into its product offering with Predictive Personalization, and now the new AI Assistant works hand in hand with THN’s suite of conversion and personalization tools. The user-friendly platform allows hoteliers to design impactful campaigns with a vast array of customizable display types and formats, now more efficiently than ever before. With the use of intelligent behavioral triggers, personalized messages can be delivered to each user at crucial moments during the booking process.

The innovation was born from THN’s inaugural Hackathon held a few weeks ago in Barcelona, Spain. The event featured cross-functional teams, comprising members from THN’s tech, product engineering and client success departments, each tasked with developing a brand-new functionality incorporating generative AI that would help hotel brands to increase direct revenue while streamlining operations. What’s more, the teams only had two days to execute this ambitious plan. Leveraging the most advanced technology available to automatically generate content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos, they set about the task, with each group determined to use AI to build a new solution within THN’s existing systems.

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THN founder, Juanjo Rodriguez, spoke about the new product, “Innovation and speed are at the heart of what we do, and what sets us apart at THN. Our team is constantly looking for ways to boost productivity, both for our hotel clients as well as within our own processes. The AI Assistant is just the beginning of how we can leverage generative AI to bring new solutions quickly to market that are unique and not available anywhere else.”

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The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company working with over 19,000 hotels around the globe.

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