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HiJiffy launches GPT-4 powered chatbot for hotels

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HiJiffy is releasing version 2.0 of Aplysia OS, its proprietary guest communications operating system, that will use the power of generative AI to handle guests’ questions and requests with unparalleled accuracy and automation.

The technology will work directly on the hotel’s website, social media channels and messaging apps (WhatsApp included), covering the whole customer journey, from pre-booking to post-stay. A sneak peek of the solution is already available on HiJiffy’s website, being possible to interact with a demo version, which already uses part of Aplysia’s new conversational capabilities.

Less manual work

Hotels will be able to set up answers to FAQs with quick inputs, covering all their properties’ information with some simple clicks or by importing data from external sources (website, digital documentation, etc.).

“By dispensing the provision of specific and structured responses to instruct the chatbot on how to answer each FAQ specifically, all thanks to the power of generative AI, it will be possible to automate the vast majority of the common guest questions and requests with a few clicks”, explains José Mendonça, HiJiffy’s CTO.

When the front office staff uses HiJiffy’s platform to deal directly with a customer request, the new technology will be time-saving as well by featuring auto-generated responses based on the conversation history.

Better answers

With the power of GPT-4, conversations will be more efficient as the answers get refined to specifically address the customers’ questions, thus avoiding showing big chunks of text based on pre-defined FAQs.

The AI can also understand complex queries that may include more than one question/request and infer meaning from misspellings or incomplete sentences.

“The guest experience will be incomparably better as interactions will become more natural and engaging, simulating human-like communication”, underlines HiJiffy’s CTO.

By improving the quality of the answers and the capability of better understanding the guest’s intent, HiJiffy expects to achieve unparalleled automation levels. The ultimate goal is to relieve the hotel’s staff from as many low-added value and repetitive tasks as possible.

“The average automation levels of the 1,600+ hotels currently using HiJiffy is between 80% to 85%, which is already an outstanding figure. Now, with Aplysia’s new capabilities, we are confident that we will be able to successfully handle more than 90% of guest queries without requiring human intervention. This will have a massive impact on the hotels’ operations”, adds the specialist.

A technology specifically designed for hotels

HiJiffy’s GPT-4 powered chatbot will only provide answers based on content validated by the hotels, restraining misleading answers, made-up content or off-topic information.

“By being under the control of Aplysia OS, we are able to make the most of the generative AI with the security of only conveying information that is completely trustworthy”, underlines José Mendonça.

To note that HiJiffy’s Data Science team specifically designed the architecture of the solution to run using the most advanced versions publicly available of generative AI, which could be a new GPT or even a PaLM-based model.

With this agnostic approach, Aplysia will be able to quickly evolve by using cutting-edge technology.

Testing the solution is already possible

A sneak peek of the solution is already available on HiJiffy’s website. There, it is possible to interact with a demo version, which already uses part of Aplysia’s new conversational capabilities.

The Beta version of the technology will soon be made available for current HiJiffy clients, that will have priority access. Non-clients interested in having early access can join a waitlist already open on HiJiffy’s website.

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HiJiffy's solution allows hoteliers to increase their revenue from direct bookings and upselling while automating numerous repetitive tasks with a low added value, reducing operating costs and addressing staff shortages.

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