Automation opportunities through integration: Boutique Hotel Texel

Offering a memorable and personalised stay experience is the top priority for a hotelier such as Marianne Langeveld, the owner of the family-run Boutique Hotel Texel.

At this 22 stylish room property located on the idyllic island of Texel in the Netherlands Marianne and her team keep testing new approaches and solutions to expand customisation options all while maximising efficiency in their operations. 

Introducing upselling software at the hotel has brought incredible results, for both ancillary revenue and guest satisfaction. When the automated upsell platform announced its two-way integration with the PMS they have been using, the Boutique Hotel Texel immediately volunteered as a pilot property. Read on for a summary of the benefits the 2-way integration brings to boost hotel’s revenue and improve guest experience. 

What thee two-way upselling x pms integration does

The two-way integration between Oaky and protel streamlines the upselling process and takes over many previously manual tasks. Every time a guest books a deal, all related information is added to their reservation and invoice automatically. The system also sets alerts to remind the staff of services or add-ons they need to prepare. 

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Marianne and her team saw that this two-way integration would benefit her team in multiple ways. First, it would increase their upselling process’ efficiency. Second, it would minimise the risk of mistakes. And finally, the team would gain back time they could spend on meaningful interactions with guests. 

“We’ve seen great results since using the two-way integration between Oaky and protel. The upselling process is now automated from start to finish and we no longer have to manually process the offer requests. That saves us about an hour a day and ensures all travellers get the deal they booked. Now, generating ancillary revenue via upselling feels almost effortless and we can spend more time on guest interactions.” Marianne Langeveld | Owner of Boutique Hotel Texel

New types of upsell deals become possible 

Promoting existing deals like breakfast in bed or flexible arrival/departure times has become simpler for Boutique Hotel Texel. It has also allowed them to create a room upsell deal for the first time, something they hadn’t implemented when using only the one-way integration. 

Back then, the paid upgrade a guest asked for may have become unavailable before the staff had a chance to review the request. Today, hotel software exchanges data about available room categories and incoming upsell bookings automatically. When a traveller takes an offer for a paid upgrade, Oaky pushes that information into protel and the PMS updates the guest’s booking in real time. That way the hotel only pitches upsells for available room types to its guests. Now, overselling rooms is a thing of the past and lower-category rooms are quickly added back into inventory. 

Outstanding ROI on many levels

Oaky’s ROI at the Boutique Hotel Texel has been impressive, especially considering how little time the platform demands in day-to-day operations. High email open rates and a conversion rate reaching up to 23% results in an average of €2.500 of incremental revenue per month. 

“While the two-way integration doesn’t help us generate more revenue directly, it makes our workflow more efficient and makes day-to-day operations less stressful for the team. This allows us to spend more quality time with guests which in turn leads to great reviews and a solid reputation. That’s a valuable asset for all hotels, but especially for a boutique hotel like ours.” Marianne Langeveld | Owner of Boutique Hotel Texel

Even the Boutique Hotel Texel was impacted by the challenges the hospitality industry faced throughout 2020 and 2021. But the property leveraged innovative technology and approaches to weather the storm. Now, they’re seeing handsome rewards for it.  

On top of the consistent ancillary revenue, they’ve designed multiple offers travellers love. They boast soaring email open rates. And finally, the hotel has become such an attractive workplace that it attracts and retains amazing talent, despite the industry’s staff shortage. 

Download the full case report for more details such as Boutique Hotel Texel’s best-selling offers!

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