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Remote Source hones in on today’s sanitation concerns

Remote Source, an independent remote control manufacturer in support of universal control and IOT automation technologies for hospitality, and smart home or business, is introducing the 100 Series of cleanable remote controls that can work with any TV, Set Top Box, or IPTV Provider, available now.

RS 101B

In a normal hotel setting- TV remote controls are already known to be a hotbed for viruses and bacteria, and reports from the CDC over Coronavirus / Covid-19 recommend that remote controls in a multi-guest environment should be cleaned and disinfected daily.

Remote Source now offers a variety of remote controls with a flat-surface with no holes where bacteria can reside, the new 100 Series of remote controls feature a waterproof, antimicrobial wrap that can be easily cleaned with today’s sanitation measures in mind.

“We are excited to introduce these new cleanable remote control solutions with a nonporous surface that can work with any of our client’s needs, to control multiple types of devices with one remote control solution. Our new 100 Series of remote controls are specifically designed for the growing number of Hospitals, Hotels, and MVPDs that need an advanced remote control that can be easily sanitized.” said Adam Gillespie, CEO, of Remote Source. “Our 100 Series can be easily customized; from the number of buttons needed on the remote, that can have additional branding and labeling for any provider or location”

Remote Source’s new 100 Series can work with a variety of frequencies- from IR only to IR + Bluetooth and Voice control. Designed with IT managers, ease of use, and sanitation in mind, our new cleanable remote controls pack a range of innovative features.


In addition to integrating with any type of TV, Set Top Box, or IPTV provider, the 100 Series features:

  1. Easy to clean and sanitize.
  2. Made of a material that repels water and moisture.
  3. Universal learning to control any device from any manufacturer.
  4. Backlight feature with custom color choices.
  5. Modular designs allow for any type of button arrangement.
  6. Security screw for battery compartment.

For more information please visit Contact us for any remote control solution, we aim to provide the best, timing and most cost efficient services.

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