What do you think of Market Recovery

Lately, the phrase “market recovery” has been used quite frequently. Predictions are one thing but what the hotels actually experience themselves is of greater importance.

Slow business has forced hotels to cut costs and slim down operations. Most hotels are now operating in a “smaller suit”. The need for operational efficiency has never been more critical and perhaps are you, as a hotelier, evaluating how to increase the level of automation in your operation.

New safety and hygiene measures also play a role where new procedures are necessary, many of which are based on automation of services previously carried out in person.

Recent times have shown us that innovative tech can save you time and money from day one, all while improving your guest experience and operational efficiency. On one hand, we experience a growing demand for automation, but on the other most hoteliers also need to carefully consider every penny they invest. The long-term effects that hotels will most likely gain by investing in supportive and modern technology, need to be considered when evaluating potential new investments. 

One thing is sure, during a global pandemic, different hotel segments across the globe, experience various market shifts and recoveries, and their priorities may vary during this uncertain time.


We have put together a survey, being shared with thousands of hoteliers globally, to capture the hotels’ perception and focus in the current situation and their view on “market recovery” and technology support . We look at the data from a global perspective.

We would highly appreciate your contribution and if you choose to take 5 minutes of your time, we will return share the compiled results with you.


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