Omni Hotels & Resorts launches Stance Coffee

Stance CoffeeOmni Hotels & Resorts has announced its first-ever proprietary coffee brand, Stance Coffee, in partnership with Arkansas-based Westrock Coffee Company, LLC.

Through Stance Coffee, Omni Hotels & Resorts delivers great tasting, high-quality coffee built on a commitment of sustainability and innovation.

“With Stance, we stand for high quality in every sense of the experience: great tasting coffee, exceptional service and the fairest of treatment of people from farmer to barista,” said Devin Burns, vice president of rooms and food & beverage at Omni Hotels & Resorts. “Here at Omni, our commitments to local market leadership and corporate responsibility speak to a higher calling. That’s why we’ve created Stance Coffee.”

Sustainably sourced from over 7,000 farmers in four countries, Stance Coffee offers guests coffee that follows Omni’s continued standards of excellence, now enhanced with digital traceability, economic transparency and ethical business practices. Stance Coffee is marked with the Farmer Direct Verified™ symbol as a promise Omni Hotels & Resorts has made to its farmer partners as well as its guests. Omni Hotels & Resorts is the first of its kind in the hospitality space to deliver transparently traded, Farmer Direct Verified™ to its customers.

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“Our mission at Westrock Coffee Company is to create meaningful change in the lives of coffee-farming families while connecting the world through great coffee,” said Elizabeth McLaughlin, group president -sales, product development and client services at Westrock Coffee. “Partnering with like-minded brands such as Omni to support this mission is imperative to our operations and every point in the supply chain. We are confident Omni’s guests will appreciate learning more about where their Stance coffee came from, while supporting our farmer partners and enjoying these unique and delicious coffee blends.”

Guests can choose from two unique blends, the Central & South American Blend or the Single Origin Colombian Roast, to enjoy either in-room, at dining outlets or at grab-and-go locations. Sourced from some of the most well-known and high-quality coffees in the world, the Central & South American Blend elicits almond and tangerine with a hint of honey and jasmine for a smooth aftertaste and a clean finish. The Single Origin Colombian Roast blends a long history of farmers with deep roots in coffee into a dark, full-bodied roast reminiscent of walnut and clove with a hint of lime and oak. This textured coffee blend pairs nicely with cream, sugars and flavorings, or enjoyed perfectly as a stand-alone cup of black coffee.

Much like old world wines, well selected, roasted and prepared coffees provide a myriad of taste profiles based on the terroir of the producing countries. Stance Coffee’s unique flavor profiles have been curated to deliver a specialty product for our guests through a process called “Q Grading” or “Cupping,” our trained experts act as the sommeliers of the coffee supply chain to ensure our specific taste profile is always consistent. This important step in the process allows Stance Coffee roasters to ensure the coffee continuously meets the high-quality specifications required.

Using a QR code, guests can connect directly to the Stance Coffee website to find more information about the origin of the coffee in their cup, as well as the stories of farmers who grew the coffee. Stance Coffee suppliers gather and analyze data from over 16 million cups that are 100 percent traceable and transparently traded annually, allowing Omni Hotels & Resorts to build partnerships that help farmers thrive and guests can feel good about.

Stance Coffee is now available across Omni Hotels & Resorts properties for consumption as well as purchase in guestrooms, coffee shops, restaurants and banquet halls.

About Westrock Coffee Company, LLC

Westrock Coffee is a farmer-focused, fully integrated company providing coffee sourcing and financing, supply chain management, roasting, packaging, and distribution services to customers around the world. The company has offices in seven countries which market coffee from more than 20 origin countries impacting over one million members of smallholder farming households. Through Westrock Coffee’s US based roasting operations, the company roasts, grinds, packages, and delivers branded and private label coffee in bags, fractional packs, and single serve cups.

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