Samujana redefines their eco-friendly ethos

Samujana redefines their eco-friendly ethos
Samujana redefines their eco-friendly ethos

Going green, eco-friendly travel, sustainable tourism – they all mean the same thing. However, as simple as that might be to understand, it is amazing how so many do not do their part to help save and preserve the planet.

Every traveler and holiday-maker is on the hunt for pristine white beaches, sun-drenched shores, crystal clear waters, fish-filled oceans, and century’s old culture, yet a steady stream of tourists can also have a significant environmental impact, from water consumption and waste generation to excessive energy usage and unnecessary pressure on local resources and more.

How can we help? Samujana has implemented simple yet effective eco-friendly programs and activities to help nourish and preserve their environment, just in time for World Environment Day. From small practices like reducing plastic waste, eliminating all the plastic amenities from each villa and using paper straws for all beverages to big changes like waste separation collection to reduce the waste volume, Samujana is making changes both internally and externally. Other improvements include saving on energy in the office and back of the house by always turning off the lights.

Samujana will also continue to initiate and participate in various community activities to promote ethical, social and environmental standards for all. The types of volunteer and charity work that Samujana support include participating in cleaning the local Plailaem temple and its surrounding areas, beach clean-ups, tree planting in the local community, blood donations organized by the Thai Red Cross Society and donating stationery, food, and toys to a local Bangrak school.

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While sustainability hasn’t always been such a hot topic as it is today, sustainable practices need to be the future of the hospitality industry. At the end of the day, sustainability is hugely aspirational – it conjures up images of a better world, a world that Samujana wants to help protect.

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