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Alphonse Island Lodge goes off the grid with solar power

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Alphonse Island Lodge, part of Blue Safari Seychelles, is delighted to announce that it is the very first commercial Outer Island with a hospitality offering in the Seychelles to become reliant on solar power, going completely ‘off the grid’.

Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island has installed 2,200 solar panels to generate the island’s electricity and by doing so, will eliminate the use of 268 000 litres of diesel usage per annum and will be reducing the island’s emissions by 718.24 tonnes per annum.

Sustainability is the foundation of the Blue Safari Seychelles philosophy and all of the atolls and islands within the Blue Safari Seychelles portfolio are wholly-committed to the protection of the environment. By using solar power as a renewable energy source, will generate (on average) 2400 kWh– reaching 2,900 kWh of energy per day for Alphonse Island.

The completed installation of the 2,200 solar panels has earned Alphonse Island the ecological title of being the first Outer Island in the Seychelles with a hospitality and accommodation offering to become solar powered. Backup generators may be used on select occasions when there are continuous rain and cloud; however, as Alphonse Island is blessed with a favourable sunny climate with a year-round temperature of 28°C, there should be minimal cause for this, resulting in greater energy yields.

The installation of the solar panels on Alphonse Island highlights the continuous development as part of the overall sustainability strategy.

“Our commitment to the protection of the environment and our conservation practices are at the core of all we do. We’ve been implementing many environmentally responsible procedures across the Blue Safari Seychelles portfolio and to achieve the status of the first Outer Island commercially operated in the Seychelles to be solar powered, fully confirms our commitment and dedication to these projects. Blue Safari Seychelles is a forward-thinking company and this cutting-edge project will hopefully encourage other islands and hotels in the Seychelles to implement solar power as an energy source”, explains Keith Rose-Innes, Managing Director of Blue Safari Seychelles.

Blue Safari Seychelles offers trips to the atolls and islands of Astove, Cosmoledo, Poivre, Alphonse and the Amirantes. Blue Safari Seychelles has a strong environmental ethos, and the company has been designed to help conserve these rare islands and atolls through sensitively designed tourism projects. The company and its staff are committed to a wide range of projects, including the restoration of the islands’ natural vegetation, protection of Aldabra Giant Tortoises, monitoring of coral reefs, carefully controlled sustainable fishing practices, and monitoring and identification of birds, mammals and fish populations.

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