Enhancing the holiday experience: 5 tips for hotels to add to their digital compendiums

holiday tipsAs the holiday season approaches, hotels have a wonderful opportunity to create a memorable and festive experience for their guests. With the increasing popularity of digital compendiums, hotels can leverage this technology to provide guests with all the information they need to make the most of their

Let’s explore some valuable tips for hotels to add to their digital compendiums during the Christmas and holiday period and hope to spark some creative ideas for your own operations:

1. Festive events and activities

Include a dedicated section in the digital compendium highlighting all the exciting holiday events and activities happening in and around the hotel. This can include Christmas markets, ice skating rinks, holiday-themed shows, or special dining experiences. Provide detailed information, schedules, and booking options to help guests plan their itinerary.

2. Special holiday menus

Feature special holiday menus from the hotel’s restaurants and room service options in the digital compendium. Include mouthwatering descriptions, enticing food photography, and any exclusive holiday promotions. Guests can easily browse through the menus and make reservations or place orders directly from their mobile devices.

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3. Local attractions and sightseeing

Recommend popular local attractions and sightseeing spots that are particularly enchanting during the holiday season. Provide information on nearby Christmas light displays, festive landmarks, or charming winter landscapes. Include maps, directions, and any additional details to assist guests in exploring the area.

4. Gift ideas and shopping

Create a section dedicated to gift ideas and shopping recommendations. Highlight nearby boutiques, malls, or Christmas markets where guests can find unique gifts and souvenirs. Consider partnering with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts or vouchers for guests who mention the hotel.

5. Weather updates and travel tips

Keep guests informed about the local weather conditions and provide travel tips for their convenience. Include real-time weather updates, packing suggestions, and any transportation options that may be affected during the holiday period. This will help guests plan their activities accordingly and ensure a seamless travel experience.

By incorporating these tips into your digital compendium, hotels can elevate the holiday experience for their guests. From festive events and special menus to local attractions, the digital compendium becomes a valuable tool for guests to make the most of their holiday stay. Remember to provide helpful information to ensure a memorable and enjoyable holiday season for all.

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