How hotels are adapting to their four-legged guests - Insights

How hotels are adapting to their four-legged guests

Pet friendly hotelsA recent survey found that 80% of pet owners care for their pets as they would for their children; what is more, 39% of people take their pets away with them when they travel.

For this reason, hotels are now adapting to this trend, bringing in new customers by having a pet-friendly status. They are finding new ways of treating both dogs and humans to luxury services and a home-away-from-home experience that builds loyalty and keeps them coming back.

Pet-friendly rooms

A lot of pet-friendly establishments require owners to bring food and a bed for their pet, but many hotels are now providing rooms that come fully equipped with everything from bowls and artisan biscuits to soft blankets and a dog crate. A crate provides a safe and comfortable space for a pet to spend time in, rather than being like a cage. If you are traveling on a plane with your dog, many airlines also require them to be in a crate. This is for the safety of the dog and the other passengers, so it is a good idea for dogs to be crate-trained. For guests that are traveling, or going out for the day, hotels are even providing pet packed lunches, so that the owners don’t have to organize dog food for their journey.

Doggy concierge

Luxury hotels are now providing doggy day-boarding and concierge services so that pets are well looked after if their owners need to go out for the day or want a break. This means that hotel guests don’t need to worry if their dog needs walking, or if their dog has separation anxiety and can’t be left alone. Some hotels have even created special enclosed gardens for dogs to explore safely off the leash, with or without other doggies.

Grooming and treatments

Pampering and spa treatments aren’t just for humans, many hotels are now offering a full range of grooming services for pets. The cost of grooming an average-sized dog is $75 – so this can provide a valuable revenue stream for hotels, as well as a vital service for guests. Pet massages, “pawicures” and luxury baths are some of the popular services that are being offered to pet owners, and guests can even go for a couples treatment with their dog.

Pet-friendly hotels are able to offer far more extras and services to their guests than human-only hotels. This also means that guests don’t have to part with their pet companion, but instead can vacation in style together.

Hotel Manager

Hannah Watson is a freelance writer and former hotel manager. She loves traveling as much as possible and remains passionate about the industry.

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