Wellness tourism trends to watch out for

wellness tourismThe global wellness tourism market was worth $451 billion in 2021 and is expected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 9.93% from now until 2030. Tourists are keen to do more than simply visit a country and snap its most famous sites. Instead, they are also seeking to restore their wellbeing and take part in activities that boost physical, mental, and spiritual health. Below are just a few trends that are dominating the sector.

Outdoor holistic healing

Yoga and mindfulness meditation retreats are burgeoning in popularity, with recent research indicating that these activities are powerful, proven ways to cut stress in its tracks. Resorts are not simply providing guests with daily yoga classes, but rather, they are immersing them in spaces of peace, beauty, and connection with nature while doing so. In the Sen Wellness Sanctuary in Sri Lanka, for instance, guests are surrounded by trees and the delightful sounds of rustling leaves and birds. Daily classes like Yin, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga are often undertaken on the beach, with the sound of waves instilling a deep sense of calm. Ananda in the Himalayas, meanwhile, is perched atop a hill with views over the lush nature below. It’s all about allowing nature to exert its healing influence while embracing millenary practices that boost your resilience.

Personalized nutrition

Imagine booking a five-luxury luxury stay at a resort like the five-star Marbella Club Hotel in the luxury coastal destination of Marbella, Spain. While you’re vacationing, each member of your family can work on their nutritional intake after talking about your goals, health issues or desires, and preferences. Your nutritionist can liaise with health and wellness chefs so that one or more members of your family can dine with others while tucking into a plant-based, low-carb, or whole diet, as recommended by your nutritionist. By the same token, fitness professionals can create a dedicated fitness program that will ensure you get the right balance of work and play. Some resorts, such as the famous The Farm at San Benito, specialize in Asian vegan cuisine and dishes made with fresh ingredients grown on the property.

Urban wellness

Imagine visiting a city and resting between days of busy sightseeing. This is exactly the kind of city/wellness break savvy travelers are looking for, as reported by the Global Wellness Summit (GWS). More and more cities are being redesigned to embrace accessible wellness offerings; thus the proliferation of human-made beaches, free pop-up fitness classes, water sports in the middle of bustling cities like Madrid or Tokyo, and urban bathhouses. The GWS reports that the trend is going way beyond the typical city hotel with a pretty spa. Top wellness brands like Six Senses, One&Only,  and Aman are opening new urban wellness resorts that are fully dedicated to holistic wellbeing.

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Travelers are increasingly placing wellness at the forefront of their vacations. Just a few trends holding sway include outdoor holistic pursuits, personalized nutrition, and urban wellness. The latter in particular is making wellness more accessible, since tourists won’t need to travel very far to feel like they have just stepped into an oasis of calm.

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