8 ideas for hotel management that will boost your business

boost businessTravelling is gaining more and more speed – there are more freelancers now than ever and people have more time on hands to enjoy travelling. Your hotel can benefit from this. However, it takes a bit of change in management to actually achieve this. You need to get creative and follow the pulse of the new demands on the market.

Here are some simple management tips that could bring you a lot of business:

Use social media

Social media is godsent for hotels. Think about it – you have a beautiful establishment and social media is all about the aesthetic. This is why social media is the perfect promotion tool. Use Instagram, Pinterest and so on. These platforms have a serious visual aspect and they can bring you a huge audience. You just have to be consistent and have a brand personality that the audience can relate to. Share stories from your hotel, great images of your staff and your visitors, surrounding areas and so on.

Make your space beautiful

Since people are so focused on the visual nowadays, you should amp up the aesthetic of your hotel to better suit the demand for cool pictures. Create a beautiful space that people would want to take pictures in. Make it stylish and relevant to the area. If you are located in an area with plenty of natural sights, bank on that and create a rustic environment. If you are in the city, create a modern, sophisticated look. It might be an investment but it’s the one more than worth making.

Use testimonials

People believe other people – their own peers, people who are just like them. This is something you can bank on as well. Share testimonials on your website and on social media. In fact, you can combine the previous two aspects – having a beautiful interior and social media – and share images of your satisfied customers in your hotel while using the captions to tell their story. User generated content is also an amazing thing for your business and so are influencers. Find someone people look up to online and offer them a partnership.


Work with local businesses

Local businesses like farms, restaurants, places for activities and so on can be a great source of business. You can form a partnership where you would point your guests to those places and they would point their guests to you as well. This is a great opportunity for supply as well. Fresh ingredients from local farms and packages with activities from various facilities can truly make a difference when it comes to how your guests perceive your hotel. Make an effort to connect. You should also connect with big companies in your area and offer them good conference or meeting packages. Connect with bakers and wedding organizers too, so that you can get the best information on upcoming weddings first and then make a good offer.

Follow trends

Trends are very important. Just imagine what was popular ten years ago in the hotel industry – would anyone visit that hotel? Most likely not. So, make sure that you are on top of trends.

For instance, become an eco-friendly hotel, grow your own garden with fresh food that guests can see is healthy for them, offer vegan menus and various activities that are popular nowadays. All of this can help you capture your audience and offer them something unexpected and delightful.

Create special packages

“Build packages like the spa package, the sightseeing package, holiday packages and so on. This is convincing for the audience and often sells very well,” says Melinda Banks, a business writer at Australia2Write.

Train employees

Your employees should have the best training on being hospitable and welcoming. Follow trends on this as well since it’s very important to go above and beyond customer expectations.

Improve for events

“Create a great space for conferences, weddings, celebrations and all kinds of different events. This is a good way to capture that high revenue audience,” says Micah Jones, a project manager at BritStudent.

The hotel industry needs to change to match to recent trends and audience demands. If you want to drive business to your hotel, you should amp up your management strategy and offer more to your guests.


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