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5 must-have technologies you should be using for your hotel

must-have-techIs your hotel garnering the kind of footfall that you expected? Are you experimenting with diverse technologies to catch hold of your customers’ attention? Still perplexed? Well, you don’t need to be, as we are here for your rescue.

In this article, we have highlighted the 5 must-have technologies that have the potential to turn the tables around and bring you into the good books of your customers. So, let’s get started!

Virtual concierge services

This is the era of Artificial Intelligence and you can leverage this technology to wow your customers, thereby enhancing their customer experience. The Virtual Concierge is one of the applications of AI that is reshaping the hotel business.

A virtual concierge is a CX technology that allows the hotels to offer conversational assistance to the customers around the clock. You can manage the concierge services through an application or online, and easily handle requests from customers.

According to a survey by HubSpot, 57% of customers simply love to communicate with the chatbots as they get a prompt reply to their queries. The chatbots can be deployed to address the concerns of the customers and to transfer important issues to the concerned department.

Cloud-based hotel management software

Undoubtedly, cloud technology has taken the world by storm. Most of the software used nowadays are cloud-based, as they remain up to date, offer the flexibility to be accessed anywhere from any device and are never at the risk of failure.

Cloud-based hotel software has the potential to manage the operations of a hotel seamlessly and quickly. It can facilitate your team to keep an eye on the bookings, payments, billing, schedules, inventory, and the status of rooms from any device.  

Along with offering these features, cloud-based hotel management software facilitates your hotel team with flexibility to work from anywhere. They can access the hotel data and make wise decisions quickly – even from their home. This uplifts the overall productivity of the organisation.

Workforce management software

A workforce is the core strength of any hotel and this need to be managed efficaciously. For this, many hotels are migrating from spreadsheets to cloud-based workforce management software that can enable the hoteliers to keep a track on the activities of the employees.  

Workforce management software brings many benefits on board. It makes the task of payroll management quicker, more accurate and hassle-free. A cloud-based solution offers the flexibility to access the software from any device.

The hoteliers are empowered by cloud-based software to access employee data on the go so they can address challenges and formulate requisite solutions. In this way, employee-related concerns are addressed on time, which in turn leads to a drop in turnover and enhanced rostering, payroll management and compliance.

Personalized rooms with smart applications

Nowadays, a hotel needs to be knocking the socks off every customer to persuade them to come back again. Every hotel desires to be on the good books of the customers which is only possible by enhancing customer experience. And, personalization is the key to enhanced customer experience.

You should equip the hotel rooms with smart gadgets and use customer data to offer a personalized experience to the patrons. You should exploit technology that adapts to the needs of the customers.

You should equip rooms with smart appliances like intelligent coffee machines, smart TV, multi-media hubs and automatic lightning that opens and closes with the gesture of the customers or when they enter or leave a room. Furthermore, you can make use of ambient lighting.

Besides, you can utilize customer’s data to create the profile of each customer that includes their likes and dislikes as well as preferences. In the case of new guests, you can simply ask their needs and create a database out of it. This allows you to wow customers with personalized services.

Hotel POS software

Point of sale (POS) is one technology that is impacting almost every sector. It is widely used in the hospitality sector to improve the process of payments for both the customers and the hoteliers. Apart from enhanced payments, modern POS software brings many more perks.

Modern-day hotel POS software is integrated with sophisticated features and technology. It allows customers to digitally visualize vacant rooms, have tours and browse the amenities in different rooms so that they can make their booking and payment accordingly.


In this technologically advanced era, you simply cannot sit back with existing solutions and witness your business suffering. You need to catch hold of diverse sophisticated technologies to offer an extraordinary experience to your customers as well as employees.

You can exploit the aforementioned technologies to empower your hotel business.  These technologies have the power to streamline your operations, effectively manage day-to-day processes and keep a track on the activities of workers thereby facilitating in elevating your business.

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Divyanshu Jangid is a Editor at Hyper Drive Solutions. His interests include reading books, researching and reading about new technologies . 

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