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How to promote your hotel to bleisure travelers

 width=In case you didn’t know, Ôbleisure’ is a term that describes a shift in the behaviour of business travelers, as the distinction between business and leisure travel has become quite blurred in the last couple of years. A lot of people these days plan in advance how they will spend their free time while traveling for work, which is exactly what contributed to that shift.

Keep on reading if you want to promote your hotel to bleisure travelers, as we have four useful tips on how to accomplish that.

Offer attractive Ôbizcation’ packages

A large number of hotels have come up with all kinds of specific packages targeted at their potential business clients who want to explore leisure facilities, too. Some of these offer packages advertised as a Ôbleisure experience’, which often include using their pool and/or jacuzzi, their private club lounge, and a specifically designed area where they can enjoy complimentary drinks, gourmet breakfasts and evening cocktails.

On the other hand, some hotels have designed a travelers’ package which includes various tours that allow their clients to go sightseeing and experience the city, its people and culture first-hand. This service is probably the most popular one among the people from all across the world, as a lot of business travelers (more than 80% of them) want to explore the city during their business trip.

Market to meeting and convention attendees

Another way to promote your hotel to bleisure travelers is to start marketing it to meeting and convention attendees, which is of the utmost importance if you have a huge facility that can accommodate larger groups of people at the same time. Of course, this means that you should have at least one conference hall within your complex so that your clients can save both time and money by staying in the hotel for their business meetings, conferences, or conventions.

Besides that, you can also come up with pre-stay or post-stay offers, by providing attractive group rates two to three days before and after an event. A lot of groups will be more than glad to take advantage of such offers simply because, as already stated, the majority of business travelers want to explore the city, too, which is why they either arrive earlier of stay a couple of days after their meetings or conferences.

Luxurious accommodations will always be in demand

No matter what people may say, luxurious accommodations will always be wanted among the travelers. This is true for both business and leisure travelers, which means that hotels focused on bleisure should also pay attention to this aspect.

Apart from the aforementioned on-site facilities like conference halls, hotels should also design their rooms with their clients’ needs and wishes in mind, so that everyone can feel comfortable in any given room. A lot of people these days opt for executive accommodation suites which are everything they could ask for Ð apart from free WiFi and local calls, there are often queen-size beds, giant TVs, full-size fridges and freezers, fully equipped kitchen, coffee machines, flawless air conditioning systems, and much more. Such suites are designed in order to satisfy even the pickiest customers’ needs, so be sure you look for a hotel that offers such rooms if you want to please both sides of the coin Ð business and leisure.

ÊA personalized approach pays off

One of the best ways to promote your hotel to bleisure travelers is to make them feel unique and special, which can be done by listening to their wishes and offering personalized services. Since a lot of bleisure travelers love exploring the city after their business meetings are finished, you can always reserve concert tickets for music fans, tickets for a basketball game for hard-core basketball lovers, or book a table at a famous restaurant for guests who are into it.

Apart from that, you can always arrange some discounts on spa and massage treatments if your clients want to relax and unwind between meetings, which will surely be recognized as a classy move and remembered by your guests. If you look forward personalizing services for particular clients, just remember to harness detailed guest data before their stay, so that you can provide anything they may need in time. This is particularly important when speaking of music concerts and sports games, as these can get sold out quite quickly which will probably leave your clients disappointed.

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