Tips for creating a high impact hotel entrance

 width=It’s the first thing that arriving and potential guests see when they approach a hotel, making the exterior entrance the best opportunity to grab a customer’s interest. Setting the scene with a high impact entrance will give customers an idea about what they can expect once they step across the threshold and introduce the personality of the establishment.

The goal is to welcome your arriving guests, instantly allowing them to check out of the real world and look forward to the experience ahead of them, whether it’s for business or pleasure. This is also an excellent chance to get the attention of people who simply regularly pass by the hotel, or are visiting but may return again. Marking a place in their memory with an entrance that makes an impression means they’re more likely to remember the hotel for future visits or refer it to other people visiting the area.

In this post, we’ll walk through a few ways to easily incorporate different elements that will transform a typical hotel entrance into one which makes a higher impact.


The power of colour in design is a key element when decorating interiors, but don’t underestimate its impact on an exterior. The right colour choice makes a statement about a building. For example, cool, tranquil colours are ideal for a tropical getaway feel, while bold, warm colours and gem tones are exotic and unique.

Choosing an interesting colour palette can draw in a customer immediately, because it makes the hotel feel bespoke and unique. Introducing colour to a hotel entrance can be as easy as painting the front door or trim, placing a bold rug near the door, or painting hand railings. It’s important to make sure whatever colour theme you choose for the entrance doesn’t clash with those used inside, so as to ensure a cohesive design throughout.


Adding some greenery or a pop of colour with plants goes a long way in transforming a hotel entrance. Some entrances, particularly those of corporate chain hotels, can feel a bit sparse, cold and impersonal. Selecting inviting plants with pleasant scents add a personal touch to a hotel entrance and goes one step further in creating an inviting and high impact entrance.


Incorporating plants can easily be done with sturdy metal, wood or stone pots. You could also use planting boxes or window boxes, or make use of any existing planters that could be spruced up by planting new flowers or shrubs.


Providing shelter for guests as they approach the entrance of your hotel is a must. Whether it’s during the wet and cold rainy months or hot and sunny summer months, guests need a place to arrange their luggage, wait for transportation, or simply shake off the rain before they enter the hotel.


Canopies and shelters not only provide much needed protection from the elements, but can also add an interesting design element to the exterior of a hotel. Choosing a canopy or shelter that compliments the style of the building is important, as you are then able to establish it as an extension of the building.


For practical reasons, lighting is very important for the exterior of a hotel. Guests wouldn’t be able to identify the hotel if the sign is not illuminated, and for safety reasons, it’s vital that the entrance is well lit. But choosing the right type of lighting or fixtures can also make an impact on the design and appeal of the entrance.


Choosing spotlights gives a modern feel to an entrance while providing a strong source of light. Antique or artistic features are ideal for an independent or boutique hotel, while walk-on lights installed in the flooring adds a quirky and ultra-modern style. Make sure to choose a fixture of style of lighting that not only provides adequate lighting for guests and helps them identify the hotel, but something that also compliments the overall style and decor of the building.

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