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Luxury travel enters the DIGITAL ERA with Essentialist’s NEW Innovative Travel Concierge

 Essentialist, the sophisticated members-only travel service specializing in bespoke trips around the globe with theLuxury travel highest level of personalization, unveils its latest technology with the launch of a new smartphone app for members. Unlocking the extraordinary promise of being able to deliver uniquely customized trips with unheard-of turnaround times thanks to a unique combination of technology and exclusive content and data.

The app is the first on the market to allow travelers to manage their full planning cycle from within. With this new offering, Essentialist is revolutionizing the efficiency with which travelers experience each step of the journey, beginning with trip inspiration to building itineraries and making real-time changes all the way through to the post-trip survey. Today, luxury travel is about uncovering the most authentic and unique experiences, yet Essentialist is shaping the industry’s tomorrow with future-thinking technology that allows members to travel deeply within a destination in a way that is seamless and fully customized to their tastes and preferences.

The new app serves as members’ ‘home’ for all things travel. They have the ability to request a trip to a destination of their choosing and view sample itineraries to help in the decision-making process. The app serves as a database of travel inspiration designed by Essentialist’s network of over 200 travel editors and local experts, of which members can bookmark favorites for future travel plans. Each element is reported and tagged individually, enabling AI technology to match client interests and deliver enhanced options. A fully customized proposal will be shared within the app, and the Member Experience Manager will book all elements of the itinerary based on the members’ final choices. Users have the ability to communicate with their dedicated travel team in real-time before, during and after the trip, making it an effortless experience to make immediate changes and updates. Everything from the travel profile to payment methods to the final digital itinerary allows for a fluid process that is beautifully delivered within.

Since 2016, Essentialist has been dedicated to transforming the way the sophisticated traveler moves through the world. Founded by Joan Roca, a leading expert in the digital travel industry, it is the expression of his vision to connect the most knowledgeable experts in the industry with cutting-edge technology to deliver outstanding and memorable journeys in the most personalized yet efficient way. The network of local experts is distinctive to Essentialist, as they curate access to exclusive and under-the-radar experiences that span the globe. In each destination, members are invited to uncover hidden gems, discover new flavors, immerse within the community and get curious about local cultures.

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Curation from Essentialist’s leading travel and lifestyle writers is expertly crafted into complete and individualized travel guides, enabling the best of both worlds – a well-curated itinerary with the digital interaction of a technology company. The result is a magical impact, as trips that took weeks to plan and would have not been possible to this level of detail, are planned in a matter of hours. For example, a New York-based member planned and booked a trip in two hours to surprise his partner with an extremely-curated trip to Mexico City.

“I simply requested a trip ‘Mexico City, with arts, culture and gastronomy, to get away with my partner.’ The itinerary was spot on, exactly in sync with my passions and preferences, and I could quickly compare between the suggestions. The trip—one that I held a unique vision for and could have taken me weeks to plan—was quickly quoted and available, and I could pull the trigger right on the system,” shares the anonymous member.

“We give our members the possibility to go beyond the usual travel experience by finding those singular moments that make you feel you have uncovered the essence of a place,” said Joan Roca, founder and CEO of Essentialist. “This new homebase for our members will be equally unique in the industry. Our app is the only one in the marketplace that has the ability to marry personalized client data with our insider destination content to curate the perfect trip every time, and in a fraction of the time it takes others in the industry.”

The Essentialist app is available to download on both IOS and Android. An annual membership fee of $2,600 per household includes benefits such as a dedicated Member Experience Manager and special access to one-of-a-kind experiences around the world.

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