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ONYX Hospitality Group Launches maai spa

ONYX Hospitality Group proudly presents “maai spa,” a sophisticated foray into the world of upscale wellness. Rooted in theONYX Hospitality Group transformative journey of silk, the spa intertwines elegance and innovation, crafting a holistic experience that transcends borders. With its debut in Thailand and the Maldives, “maai spa” emerges as a beacon of luxury, embracing international standards and catering to discerning travellers seeking all-encompassing well-being.

Derived from the metamorphic process of silk, “maai spa” harmoniously blends contemporary Thai hospitality with a devotion to science and art. This seamless fusion encompasses a wide array of exceptional treatments. These involve Swedish massage, sports massage, Indian head massage, Chinese reflexology, and the unique jade stone massage in which heated jade is delicately applied to the body, enhancing blood circulation and easing stress. These offerings are thoughtfully combined with traditional Thai treatments, employing natural elements with delightful fragrances to deliver relaxation through comprehensive care and attentive service.

Guided by its vision to be Southeast Asia’s premier medium-sized hospitality management company, ONYX Hospitality Group’s “maai spa” is poised to be a cornerstone of the luxury spa landscape. The spa’s innovative “Silk Journey” concept ushers guests into a holistic wellness experience, positioning “maai spa” as a premium brand.

Leading the charge is the inaugural “maai spa” at Amari Raaya Maldives, which opened on 1st August 2023. With 10 beautifully relaxing treatment rooms to start the transformative journey, the Thak Thor Sen Maai includes a Maai Onsen- a warm relaxing aroma bath, followed by an exfoliating Rang Maai Body Scrub, then a healing and destressing Jade Reflexology Foot Massage and Comb Head Massage, then to finish, a Sao Maai Massage to re-open your energy flow. This is just one of the four incredibly relaxing and indulgent Maai Journey treatments the “maai spa” offers. A trailblazer in the brand’s portfolio, “maai spa” at Amari Pattaya continues this journey, promising a retreat of relaxation and rejuvenation. Further expansion plans are underway in destinations like Bangkok and Phuket.

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Yuthachai Charanachitta, CEO of ONYX Hospitality Group, emphasised, “The Southeast Asian tourism landscape is our canvas, with wellness tourism rising as a prominent brushstroke. The exceptional blend of our expertise and regional tourism growth sets the stage for ‘maai spa,’ a pinnacle of indulgence.”

Embarking on the “maai spa” journey leads to meticulously crafted treatments. Like Thai silk’s visual appeal and texture, each treatment symbolises nourishment and revitalisation. The spa’s commitment to bespoke services is evident in personalised DIY massage oils and intensity preferences. The harmony of art and science resonates in offerings like Swedish, sports, and Chinese reflexology massages, alongside traditional Thai treatments. “maai spa” effortlessly integrates exfoliation, masking, and soaking, amplified by premium products.

“maai spa” at Amari Pattaya showcases seven treatment rooms, including a unique Kids’ Spa, enveloping guests in the cocoon-like atmosphere. With a strong brand concept and exceptional strategies, ONYX Hospitality Group aspires for “maai spa” to flourish as a definitive leader in Asia’s premium spa sector.

Experience the art of wellness as “maai spa” unravels the elegance of Thai silk for an unforgettable journey into holistic well-being.

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