ICV calls for the Cruise Industry to cease operations

The International Cruise Victims Association (ICV) is committed to sustaining a cruise industry where passengers and crew are safe and secure from any type of victimization while onboard a cruise ship.

ICV calls for the Cruise Industry to cease operationsICV has been a bold watchdog over the cruise industry, testifying in congressional hearings, promoting and successfully seeing historic legislation passed. With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we cannot sit idly by and watch the cruise industry put their passengers, crew, and the global population at risk.

ICV is an advocacy organization representing victims of tragic events at sea. ICV is calling for the cruise industry to cease the practice of business as usual and suspend operations in U.S. ports as a show of their commitment to the health and safety of the public. We know from years of data collection that the cruise industry has historically been deficient in preventing or controlling viral outbreaks on their ships. This situation will not be remedied by continuing business as usual.

The business model of the cruise industry is based on emptying and reloading ships of passengers as soon as possible so that they may immediately set sail again. This quick turn-around becomes problematic now when battling the COVID-19 virus as insufficient time is allowed for the thorough cleaning of each ship. This disregard for passenger safety makes a mockery of the cruise lines’ all-too-frequent public declaration that “passenger safety is our number one priority.” As does the industry’s irresponsible spread of misinformation about the virus and the gravity of the situation at hand. Therefore, ICV implores the cruise industry to earnestly now put passengers and public safety first. The industry must take the clear and present danger of cruise ship travel seriously during this time.

Given that the current administration has called for travel restrictions in other sectors, and the State Department has issued advisories against cruise travel, some cruise lines have voluntarily suspended operations for the time being. As such, ICV feels it is incumbent upon the industry to cease operating until the virus is contained and the industry re-evaluates their lax attention to health and safety standards for the future.

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