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Novotel “Calms” with its new global partnership

Calm, an app for sleep, meditation and relaxation, and Novotel Hotels, announced a multi-year global partnership to help hotel guests achieve inner calm and enjoy a more restful travel experience.
Novotel and Calm global partnership
Novotel and Calm global partnership

The forward-thinking partnership emphasizes the vital role of sleep, mindfulness, and self-care while traveling, and is a leading example of a global hospitality brand integrating mental wellbeing into its guest programming.  Beginning in January 2020 at Novotel locations in Canada, the partnership with Calm will be introduced at more than 530 hotels across 60 countries throughout the year.

As part of Novotel’s ‘Time is on Your Side’ campaign, which enables travelers to discover relaxing moments, disconnect from their busy lives and connect more deeply with friends, colleagues and family, guests will experience the positive benefits of Calm – including guided meditations, atmospheric music, nature soundscapes, and over 150 Sleep Stories – all of which are designed specifically to instill a calmer mindset. As an added benefit, guests checking into a Novotel Executive Room will receive a complimentary 60-day Calm Premium subscription worth USD $29.98 giving them the tools to help them find more calm and mindfulness in their everyday lives.
“At Novotel, we invite our guests to unwind and enjoy a sense of calm and wellbeing while staying at our hotels,” said Nadege Keryhuel, Vice President Novotel Brand. “Traveling often takes people out of their usual comfort zones and so we feel it is vitally important to help our guests regain that comfort through mindfulness and relaxing environments. We are thrilled to partner with Calm to boost our efforts in this regard and look forward to seeing the benefits it will bring to our guests’ overall health and wellbeing.”
Some of Calm’s most popular content is Sleep Stories, soothing bedtime stories, often narrated by well-known voices, that transport millions of adults and kids into a calmer, deeper sleep.
To celebrate its partnership with Novotel, Calm is releasing a new Sleep Story called “Nightfall”, narrated by award-winning actress Eva Green. Green is best known for her role in the James Bond spy film Casino Royale and most recently the live-action version of the blockbuster movie, Dumbo. Narrated in English and French – the first time a Sleep Story is released in two languages simultaneously, “Nightfall” follows the peaceful, wondrous process of twilight as it unfolds across the Earth, described in rich, vivid detail – creating the perfect setting for a Novotel guest settling down to sleep.
Eva Green said, “For me, sleep is like my sanctuary, it is a time to rest, to be alone in my thoughts and it is the foundation of me feeling good every day. Through this reading of “Nightfall”, I hope to bring about a state of stillness and peace to people, helping them unwind and fall into a deep sleep.”
“Wellness travel is growing twice as fast as tourism overall, with sleep and mental wellbeing proving to be extremely important to consumers in new or unfamiliar environments, such as hotels,” said Aleena Abrahamian, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Calm. “Mindfulness and better sleep can have a positive impact on various states of mind: improving concentration, memory, creativity, and motivation. More people are looking to incorporate wellness into their lifestyles and travel experiences.”
Novotel hotel guests will also be able to access hundreds of hours of Sleep Stories, meditation exercises, soundscapes, and music from renowned artists from the Calm app through the new partnership.
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