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More Americans are visiting Europe: 2019 traveler trends revealed

More Americans are Visiting Europe- 2019 Traveler Trends Revealed
More Americans are Visiting Europe- 2019 Traveler Trends Revealed

More Americans are choosing to spend their vacation days across the pond this year, with interest in European destinations spiking 29% over last year, according to Squaremouth data. As we near the height of travel season, Squaremouth reveals the biggest European travel trends, including where travelers are headed, their travel concerns, and how much they’re spending.

Coverage for Terrorism is Top Concern for Some Destinations
  • The number of travelers buying policies specifically with terrorism coverage for their trips to Europe this year has increased on average by 41% over last year.
  • Portugal and Greece have seen the highest increase in concern over terrorism, increasing by 87% and 67%, respectively.
  • Travelers heading to Ireland and Switzerland have the least concern for terrorism coverage, decreasing by 12% and 8% over last year.
Generations Prefer Different Destinations
  • Spain has the highest increase in Gen Z travelers this year, increasing by 54% over last year.
  • Millennials are flocking to the Netherlands, which has seen a 94% increase in Millennial travelers in the past year.
  • Switzerland and Germany have the highest increase in Gen X travelers, increasing by 54% and 22%, respectively.
  • 40% more Boomer generation travelers are heading to Greece this year.
Traveler Spending Decreases
  • The average cost for a trip to one of the 10 most popular European destinations is $3,815, down 6% from last year.
  • Travelers heading to Greece are spending the most, with an average of $4,664 per trip.
  • Travelers heading to Spain are spending the least, decreasing 13% to an average of $3,027 per trip.
Top 10 Most Popular European Destinations
European Destinations in Order of Popularity YOY Traveler Growth Average 2019 Trip Cost YOY Average Spending Change
Italy +28% $4,640 +2.16%
France +21% $3,408 -3.07%
United Kingdom +27% $3,124 +6.26%
Spain +37% $3,027 -13.12%
Germany +19% $3,719 -6.51%
Ireland +16% $3,846 +9.04%
Greece +31% $4,664 -1.89%
Portugal +48% $4,082 +3.81%
Netherlands +26% $4,194 -2.42%
Switzerland +29% $3,445 -0.81%

*Top 10 European destinations for American travelers ranked by year-over-year growth

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