U.S. Millennials travelling with kids in record numbers


QuickÑwhat comes to mind when you think of a Millennial traveller? Probably something clichŽd, like a young couch-surfer checking off places on her bucket list, or a 30-something tacking on a few extra vacation days to a business trip to subsidize some much-needed adventure.

What probablyÊdoesn’tÊcome to mind is a young family of three or four visiting a faraway beach resort, exploring an Asian capital or checking into an all-inclusive hotel, strollers and pool toys weighing them down.

But with a bulk of travellers aged 20 to 36 today entering the realm of parenthood and making quality family time a top priority, that’sÊexactlyÊwhat’s happening. Millennials aren’t just travelling more than ever before: 44% of them are travelling with kids in tow. And those destinations that look past the Instagram-obsessed clichŽs can tap this ever-growing market.

Types Of Future Vacations For Millennials With Kids, By Resonance Consultancy

Resonance Consultancy, a leading advisor in real estate, tourism, and economic development for countries, cities and communities, reveals this and many other insights in the new 2018ÊFuture of Millennial Travel Report: A survey of America’s fastest growing tourism demographic, a 70-page trend briefing released last month.

The report surveyed more than 1,500 active U.S. Millennial travellers finding that more than half (58%) of U.S. Millennials who travelled overnight last year have children under 18 years of age in the household.

“Once kids enter the picture, U.S. Millennial parents continue to travel,” says Resonance Consultancy PresidentÊChris Fair. “In fact, our research shows that in the next two years, close to half of Millennial travellers plan to take family vacations. Family travel is the most popular type of vacation among this travel segment. Given that U.S. Millennials will spendÊ$200 billionÊin 2018 alone, this is a massive opportunity for destinations and travel operators.”

So where are these Millennials with children travellingÊto?

Resonance research showsÊthat 41% of them are visiting beach resorts, followed closely (36%) by those choosing major metropolitan cities as primary destinations. Interestingly, Millennial families are not shying away from visiting foreign countries, either. In fact, that’s where more than a quarter of parents choose to vacation.

Discover even more about the future of U.S. Millennial travel

Get the full, free report atÊResonanceCo.com/Reports/2018-future-millennial-travel-report/.

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