Reviving the industry of emotions

Here’s look at how hoteliers can leverage emotions in a post-COVID hospitality world (and why they must). Read on for strategies to revive emotions throughout the hotel experience, both on and off-site, including checklists of concrete actions your hotel can take to improve its range of services.


eLearning key to maximise hotel profit during post-covid recovery

Maximising hotel profit during this post-Covid recovery requires a focus on the three core areas: customer satisfaction, increasing revenue and controlling costs. Key to achieving these objectives is strong leadership supported by a motivated, highly-skilled team – all of which can be bolstered through online continuous professional development.

hotel profit

How to use Facebook to improve your hotel’s digital marketing

By fully leveraging the features of your existing tools, you’ll improve your hotel’s digital marketing so that you capture as much business as possible with your existing budget. Here’s what you need to know — and what you need to do right now — to optimize your spend on one of the most widely-used marketing platforms.

facebook events

How software resolves Covid-related personnel issues

Management software can help to resolve a variety of problems associated with staffing during the next normal by facilitating the proper automation of basic tasks as well as enhancing training auditing and team coordination. Here are three features where software is now critical for hotel operations and employee retention.

personnel software
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