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Hotel marketing strategies for Covid-19 business recovery

Though many hotels are undertaking cost rationalization to get ready for the after-effects of the Covid-19 lockdown, this is not the time for hoteliers to pause marketing which would end up severely impacting their recovery.  Instead, every hotel chain or independent should devise their marketing strategy for two phases – during lock-down and post lock-down reopening.


Road to recovery through Revenue Management

Travel demand will continue to be low and extremely volatile for the coming months and booking patterns will be drastically different from pre-Covid-19 times. As such, hotels will be in the novel position of starting to build demand from scratch once they reopen.


How will hotels turn profitable again?

Hotels must utilise their human capital with far greater efficiency levels. Questions have to be asked, rules have to be rewritten and mindsets have to change. WIll we be thanking this crisis for bringing about the much-needed renaissance to the modus-operandi of the lodging industry?


Price wars – impact and value

There is a fine line between competitive pricing and a price war. Prices can be lowered only to a point where it doesn’t hurt your hotel or brand positioning, and more significantly, the hotel’s profitability.


The art and science of hotel brand valuation

The importance of not just the brand, but also patents and trademarks, technology and intellectual property as well as human capital is now being ascribed value, which in many cases, has caused a measurable shift in the market value of hotels when compared to their book value.

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