2019 in Review: Brands Insights - Insights

2019 in Review: Brands Insights

As 2019 comes to a close, and a new decade in hospitality begins, we’ve collected the top eHotelier insights across the year. Here are 3 of the most clicked and shared Brands in the Hospitality industry insights for 2019.

Hotel real estate: how brands are re-imagining hotel lobbies

As hotel brands worldwide begin exploring new lobby spaces, will we also begin to see a revolution in real estate consumption?

Why don't luxury hotel brands truly differentiate

Why don’t luxury hotel brands truly differentiate? Have they run out of USPs?

There are numerous hospitality brands these days competing in the luxury realm and there is no real definition for, and the distinction between, what is luxury vs. for example, upscale.


From A to Z: Trends and choices in hotel brands

Gone is standardisation and in has come flexibility and choice. The emphasis is on varied, curated experiences targeted at different audiences.

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