Great Hospitality Requires Instant Mobile Communication

Good communication practices mean happy guests who feel that their concerns are being listened to, evaluated and met. And good communication means empowering your staff to help resolves issues making them feel more fulfilled in their work. @EkoApp


4 reasons your hotel needs accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP for short) is a global project designed to make web pages load faster when opened on a mobile device. AMP essentially work by presenting a lightweight version of your pages developed in addition to your existing website.


Is this the end of the CV?

With the growth of mobile learning and its ability to log and track an employeeÕs performance over time, mobile CVs could replace the traditional CV. The iPhone camera pretty much spelt the end for camera rolls, print newspaper sales have dramatically declined in the face of mobile news consumption, and mobile learning is beginning to disrupt traditional classroom based learning. The list goes on.

Mobile CV

Context is key for mobile travellers

A user searching for a specific type of product or arriving at a certain location “gives rise to the need for different communication services” and allows tourism businesses to “engage with their potential customers” according to a PolyU study.

mobile travellers
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