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10 direct channel KPIs every hotelier needs to know

Direct bookings are essential for hotel brands to be successful, yet performance management of this channel is sometimes insufficient. Data analytics can help you better understand your direct channel performance, but the true value comes from being able to compare your brand to the market to identify opportunities for growth.

direct channel KPIs

It is time for hotel marketers to evolve past ROI

By no means should you stop quoting your hotel campaign ROI – just know that this is only part of the story. Align your goals with total hotel goals and you will get much stronger buy-in from all of the team members setting strategy.


KPIs every hotel executive should track daily

Tracking key performance indicators is the secret to success in the hotel industry, yet many hotel managers who think they have KPIs really don’t, because they aren’t using them effectively. Here are the KPIs you need on a daily basis and why you need them to have an accurate pulse on your business.

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