5 tips to get more hotel reviews

In the highly competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, mastering the art of collecting online reviews is a strategic move that can set you apart from the competition. You’ll not only boost your online reputation but also gain valuable insights to improve your service.

More guest reviews

Manage negative guest reviews with the 4 Rs

Make sure you utilise feedback, whether positive or negative, to improve your hotel and your online reputation Sometimes all it takes to change someone’s mind about your hotel is a few well-thought-out words by a sympathetic and professional manager.

negative guest reviews

How To Be #1 Hotel in the World on Tripadvisor

The most well-known review site in this industry is Tripadvisor, and, naturally, all hotels want to get the best possible reviews and comments, here are a few tips on getting to the top on Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor review management

Make a goal of curating great reviews for 2022

Hotel reviews are the third most important booking driver after location and price. Hence, you need to develop a strong process to curate better reviews and improve your scores on third-party websites so that guests are more inclined to choose you over one of your competitors.


5 ways hotel listening tools can help today

As the global landscape is constantly changing, so are guest expectations. It is more important than ever to employ hotel listening tools to know what your guests are experiencing at your property.

hotel listening tools

The risks in relying solely on guest reviews

While guest reviews can cover all of a hotel’s departments, they tend to focus on certain aspects that provide a big picture but miss many details. They also do not differentiate sufficiently between service quality and guest engagement or emotional intelligence.

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