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Are hotel restaurants stepping up to the plate?

Hotels and resorts now have the ability to link key guest, dining and loyalty CRM data across both restaurant and hotel guest profiles. By integrating this combined data into a unified guest profile, hotels with restaurants can increase engagement with their most loyal guests through their dining experiences.

Hotel restaurants

How sustainability is shaping the future of luxury hotel and tourism industry

Consumers who are sustainable and look for the best hotels, hospitality, and tourism products should also consider an in-depth view and be critical of the company’s sustainability measures. Even though it’s almost impossible to be fully sustainable, technology and people can help the luxury hotel and tourism industry to successfully reach its sustainability targets. 

sustainability in hotels

How to start a hotel business

It is extremely important you prepare yourself well, do a lot of research and develop a detailed business plan to ensure success. Here’s a detailed look at what you’ll need.

start hotel business

Food and beverage revenue management with Dr Sherri Kimes

While room revenue management is commonplace in accommodation providers, food and beverage revenue management is infrequently discussed. In this episode, we discuss the importance of revenue managing food and beverage, including conference and banqueting, the impacts on a range of accommodation providers from limited service to resorts and how to best manage the function in the business.

Sherri Kimes
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