Enhancing hotel experiences: the role of augmented reality

Augmented Reality is no longer a futuristic concept; it’s here and ready to redefine the hotel industry. Let’s divesinto specific examples of how AR can be integrated into hotels to enhance guest experiences, from seamless check-ins to interactive room features, safety measures, and even entertainment options.


Teaching the art of the sale

When you are in a customer-facing industry like the hotel industry, the ability to sell is extremely important, andÊI think most general managers would agree with me! A hotel is a busy and complex environment, and there are numerous opportunities for additional sales throughout a guestÕs stay, a well-trained team will be able to take advantage of this and be able to upsell when and where appropriate.

Art of sale

How augmented reality can supplement hotel mobile learning

The next wave of staff training could blend reality with digital, significantly improving the way hotel staff are taught. While still in its infancy, augmented reality has the potential to significantly change the way people learn with their mobile device.

Augmented reality

How hotels could use augmented reality

By embedding what industry experts refer to as “auras” on physical objects or locations, such as a painting in a lobby or a bar’s cocktail menu, hotels can bring their properties to life.

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