RMS Cloud appoints new CEO, ushering in an age of growth


David Murray
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RMS Cloud, a leading global provider of property management software, is pleased to announce the appointment of David Murray as Chief Executive Officer, effective June 2024. Bringing a wealth of leadership experience and a track record of success in growing businesses, Murray has previously held key roles at renowned enterprises such as IBM and Amdocs.

Joining RMS Cloud after a successful tenure as CEO of Buildxact, a global Software-as-a-Service company, Murray brings a growth mindset backed by proven results to the future of RMS Cloud, which seeks to take its global customer base of 7500+ properties to new heights.

“Joining RMS Cloud is both an honor and an exciting new challenge,” says David Murray. “For over four decades, RMS Cloud has been at the forefront of the accommodation industry, continuously evolving to meet the needs of its clients. RMS Cloud has consistently invested in essential infrastructure, cultivating a cornerstone product that has changed how the accommodation industry manages its business.”

“My role will nurture RMS Cloud customers, workforce, and business operations while ensuring vigorous competition and diverse market growth,” Murray continues. “I am eager to expedite RMS Cloud’s transformation, ensuring customers continue to benefit from RMS’ industry leading support and enable them to grow as we do. I look forward to leveraging my experience to enhance our service offerings further, expand our market presence, and drive significant growth.”

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Peter Buttigieg, Founder and outgoing CEO of RMS Cloud, expressed enthusiasm for Murray’s appointment, as he transitions to an active board position within the company. “David’s extensive experience and operational insight will undoubtedly propel RMS Cloud towards unprecedented success. As we face a rapidly changing economic landscape, our company will benefit greatly from a leadership that continues to prioritise adaptability and innovation. I am confident David is the ideal leader to take RMS Cloud into the future.”

David’s appointment to the RMS Cloud leadership team is the next key step in RMS Cloud’s global expansion, following the recent growth-focused partnership with private equity firm, Advent Partners. This engagement further strengthens RMS Cloud’s financial foundation, supporting an ambitious agenda for global expansion.

RMS Cloud is committed to continuing its long history of excellence and innovation in the property management software industry, ensuring that it remains a strong competitor in a diverse market.

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RMS' smart technology delivers operational efficiencies and management capabilities for a reliable enterprise solution. Whether you are looking for a unified solution for multiple existing properties or looking to grow, RMS is built with an enterprise-enabled architecture that supports any business. RMS' agile software quickly responds to your business needs or growth strategies with advanced PMS software that is unmatchable.

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