Porter & Sail launches Hotels Credits initiative

Hotels’ brilliant response to COVID19

In a moment when hotel bookings have disappeared, Porter & Sail is generating much-needed income for small, independent hotels, and is giving hotel lovers a reason to dream big! Its Hotel Credits store, launched March 16, is changing the industry.

Award-winning hotels, like Gold-Diggers LA, Entre Cielos, SIXTY SoHo, and Habitas Tulum have already signed on, with new, cool hotels coming on daily. And the public is responding —with an average basket value of $900 per purchase.

Credits come at a deep discount

Typically, $300 for $200. So it could not be more appealing. And Porter & Sail has waived its fees so that all proceeds go to the hotels.

Hotel Credits is a Win Win

For small, independent hotels, it means money in the door to cover staff salaries and mortgages; a chance of survival. For the general public, meantime, it means the best opportunity ever to get that dream stay, while supporting the places they love or long to visit.

A Hotel Credit is not a hotel booking; it is a voucher, which can be redeemed at the hotel in the future. Hotel Credits can be put towards room nights when booking directly with the hotel, and in most cases can also be spent at the hotel bar, restaurant, or spa—making



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