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AirGain to offer better control on rate parity

 width=RateGain Technologies today announced the introduction of key powerful features to its recently launched real-time airline pricing intelligence tool, AirGain. The 2.1 release would enable the airline industry to gain complete and in-depth price intelligence on parity violating instances.

With the new features and upgrades, Airlines can now monitor OTAs violating rate parity on their products by exactly matching products across different channels.

RateGain‘s products team announced the go-live of AirGain2.1 with the following updates :

  • Beefier Dashboard Ð Dashboard now has Parity Scores, Avg. Revenue Loss Indicator, Consumer Confidence Index, Violating Channels leaderboard and Availability Status
  • Rate Parity Feature Ð Airlines can now monitor competing channels violating rate parity by exactly matching airlines based on Route, Dep Date, Return Date and Airlines Code. Airlines can also notify violating OTAs about these violations through the system itself
  • Smart(er) Alerts Ð Along with the shopped report, the system would now send Market Position Aggregates, Variance Aggregates, Availability Status and Rate Parity Violators leaderboard

ÒWe are excited to introduce AirGain 2.1 with additional valuable features designed to help the airline industry take control of rate parity & pricing operations, efficiently. In our research, we found that rate disparity is one of the major concern for airlines. Rate/availability disparity not only adversely affects direct business, customer’s data but also their confidence on the brand .Considering this, AirGain 2.1 release brand.ces the parity module that helps airlines identify improvement opportunity, and address them quickly through the tool itself. Along with this, the airlines can now access the parity score like Revenue Loss Indicator, Consumer Confidence Index etc to track airline’s progress over time.Ê Anand Medepalli, CPO, RateGain.

Anand adds, ÒOur focus has always been on carefully understanding and analysing the needs of the industry & this release highlights our dedication to customer-driven innovation. AirGain 2.1 has been designed to address the key existing pricing issues faced by the airlines and help them stay ahead of others.Ó

AirGain, the next-gen Pricing Intelligence Solution was launched in November 2017, with an aim to offer real-time big data pricing intelligence, and exhaustive market data to the airlines. The tool takes care of critical business challenges faced by the industry such as inaccurate or delayed pricing, understanding ancillaries pricing and tackling the airline rate parity issues, enabling airlines to take smarter business decisions. We currently monitoring 14000+ routes and 4 Million+ data points for Airlines across the globe

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