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EHL Hospitality Business School, founded in 1893 as Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, is renowned as a center of excellence for service-focused industries. Learn more at

About EHL Hospitality Business School:

EHL Hospitality Business School, founded in 1893 as Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, is renowned as a center of excellence for service-focused industries. For over 125 years, our school has specialized in teaching people, in sectors ranging from hospitality to banking and retail, the skills they need to succeed. 

We believe that soft skills paired with smart know-how define the most inspiring people. These are the qualities we instill in our course participants. Drawing on our Swiss heritage, we give professionals a unique perspective into the meaning of outstanding service and what it takes to keep people engaged and motivated. 

When you study at EHL, you also become part of our well-connected alumni to broaden your prospects. Join a network of over 30,000 members spread across 150 countries.

EHL offers an international learning experience for talented, ambitious students from around the world. It has an average of 120 student nationalities for around 3,400 students. The school has two campuses in Switzerland, and a new campus in Singapore.


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Contact Details:

Company: EHL Hospitality Business School

Location: Switzerland and singappore

Founded: 1893



  • Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management
  • EHL Academy (Pre-University Program)
  • Culinary & Restaurant Management Certificate
  • Online Hotel Management Courses
  • Executive MBA
  • Hospitality Executive MBA (in China, with CEIBS)
  • MBA in Hospitality (80% Online)
  • Master (MSc) in Wine & Hospitality
  • Master in Hospitality Management
  • Master (MSc) in Global Hospitality Business
  • Swiss Professional Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management (HF)
  • Short Courses at EHL


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Ira Vouk
Director and Assistant Professor

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