The Spa at The Grace la Margna St Moritz opens celebrating Biotechnology and Alpine Traditions

From mountains to sun-filled terraces with lake views, THE SPA at THE GRACE LA MARGNA has its heart in the natural world.THE GRACE LA MARGNA Ready to welcome guests THE SPA invites you to relax and recharge your batteries amid a breath-taking Swiss backdrop. A 700m2 haven of tranquillity THE SPA harnesses the power of the Engadin mountains and treatments are inspired by natural elements and guide guests to a new equilibrium, reconnecting mind, and body in a modern self-treat setting with a unique philosophy. THE SPA is a sanctuary for guests arriving for the first time at the GRACE LA MARGNA– the first luxury boutique hotel in St Moritz. 

Beyond this delightful urban retreat, water is the primary attraction; the main 20m pool with a counter-current system; a hydrotherapy whirlpool of water massage beds, 32-degree Celsius mountain spring, jets, and fountains; two saunas, a steam bath, and an assortment of wellness showers; Aquamoon, an individual shower experience of custom spray and lighting modes create a restorative experience.

Working closely with its partners, including Bellefontaine, Bynacht, and La Biosthetique, THE SPA harnesses precious ingredients from the Alps as well as aromatherapeutic balms and oils to the most cutting-edge discoveries in biotechnology. Bellefontaine, for example, has created a unique and revolutionary complex cultivated from the legendary Edelweiss flower of Switzerland, to fight inflammation of skin tissues.

The range of body treatments, facials, massages, and beauty experiences is wide-ranging, from Full Body Scrubs and Nourishing Body Wraps by Spa partner eponé to Body Treatments by Bellefontaine inspired by the luxurious serenity and ambience of St Moritz. The Detox Body Ritual by La Biosthetique blends sea salt with notes of cedar and moss to exfoliate the skin and improve circulation.

The Signature 24K facial by Bynacht combines two of the best anti-ageing treatments, from the majestically beautiful landscape of the Engadin to its anti-age weapons, resulting in a deep rejuvenation of skin down to the deepest layers in a ‘3D effect’ by simultaneously firming, lifting and recontouring the skin while you sleep.

A private spa suite is also available for couples, with a sun terrace, loungers, a Jacuzzi, a steam bath, and treatment rooms, available for exclusive use. The Elixir of the Mountains treatment is a 150-minute escape and a pure moment of wellbeing together, a unique ritual allowing you and your partner to enjoy an Alpine experience like no other.

Inspired by the majesty of the Alps, a powerfully fragrant oil made from local herbs will evoke memories of lush meadows and jagged mountain peaks. The aromatic smell of rosemary, juniper, peppermint, pine, and edelweiss will remind you of peaks that remain unclimbed and left to nature. This indulgent oil blends with an Alpine herbal liqueur: Genepi, known for its aromatic and medicinal properties.

These offerings are a taste of the diverse therapies available at THE SPA, an idyllic refuge that pays homage to its natural landscape while embracing the advances of modern biotechnology to deliver outstanding results. History is woven into the very fabric of GRACE LA MARGNA, from the 1906 granite pillars, ornate plasterwork, and wooden panelling to the locally mined slate-roof tiles Now, a new hotel legend is born, a unique boutique retreat with urban touches, where you can discover a distinct lifestyle 365 days a year and immerse yourself in Mother Nature.

GRACE LA MARGNA ST MORITZ, a legend reborn, opened on the 26th of August 2023. A new place to be for cosmopolitans and locals awaits in the glorious backdrop of St. Moritz, Switzerland.

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